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    • crystalb24

      MayIshare an opinion here? If the “legal” definition of marriage is changed, then the Government now has the power to tell the people who can marry and who can not. Especially if it does not include everyone in the definition change ie, polygamist, those who wish to “marry” animals or dolls.(I am not equating these at all, just stating that they too want the legal right to “Marry”).Iwish someone would come up with something, like Juliette Gordon Low did. They would not allow girls into the boy scouts right? So she created the Girl Scouts. Same principles yes, but not demanding that the boy scouts change their “definitions”.IadmitIwould be on the petition list is the gay and lesbian community were to create their own “marriage” with out changing the already defined legal term, but making their own as Ms. Low did. AsIwant to live with whomIchoose,Iwould want the same right for others. But,Ionly see people loosing rights, not gaining them. This is evidenced in other countries that have changed their definition of “marriage”. IfIam not free to be in favor of “tradition” marriage, then you are not free to be in favor ofa”non-traditional” marriage. IfIam not free to serve/ worship my God, then you are not free to serve/worship yours. (Not expressed the best way, but please try and understand my heart.Iam not intending to harm anyone here.)Idon’t believe asaChristian that these people are right with their little signs either and they are offensiveI100% agree with that. The ChristIhavearelationship with is about loving your neighbor without judgement. It truly breaks my heart to see Him givenabad name for people’s ignorance of who He is and how He lived.Ihumbly ask that you not judge all Christians negatively. My God loves everyone, evenasinner like me :)

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