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    • crushyou

      so true. im 24 and only just realized that almost all products make things worse except conditioner. i also just realized that even though im an irish white girl the products that do work best for me are designed for black women and mixed women.  tip for drying your hair—go for a fast like 10 minute walk outside after you shower. it works especially well if you swing your head around a little and whip your hair around as you walk. It sounds ridiculous and people walking by might think there’s something wrong with you but it’s the same concept as a hair dryer, only it’s less intense and poof-inducing.

    • crushyou

      90% of the problems above are because of treating curly hair like it’s straight. The greatest thing you’ll ever learn about your curly hair is that you’re doing too much.Ipretty much stopped shampooing my hair altogether, onlyatiny but on my scalp every other week.Icondition 2-3 timesaweek.Inever useabrush or comb,Ionly comb it with my fingers in the shower whenIcondition. Never use hair spray or mousse, only leave in conditioner.

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