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Adam And Eve: 18 Reincarnations From Pop Culture

Adam and Eve. The original power couple. The first rebels. Think you know the story? Think again...

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2. Lena Dunham’s “Adam and Eve” SNL Skit

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To capitalize on the continued craze for the Girls TV show, Lena Dunham recently appeared on SNL with this Adam and Eve skit. Oh, and she’s naked.

3. DARK EDEN (a new Adam and Eve on an Alien Planet)

Best science fiction of 2014, according to the Arthur C. Clarke award. Dark Eden by Chris Beckett is a dark, lyrical novel set a few hundred years after two astronauts get stuck on a sunless planet and decide to copulate and populate, Adam and Eve-style. (You gotta read it.... Excerpt available here.)

6. ADAM and EVE Superpowers in BioShock


In the world of BioShock (the wildly popular computer game), there are two special substances that can, respectively, grant you new physical/mental prowess and then super-charge those abilities. They are called ADAM and EVE.

8. Northern Exposure


Remember that show? (Well, maybe not, but my parents were huge fans.) Anyway, recurring character Adam (foodie and master chef) was married to hypochondriac Eve and—fun fact—when they got pregnant, main character Dr. Fleischman teased them by asking whether they will call the baby Cain or Abel.

10. Mark Twain Took on the Subject...


In his a series of 1905 cartoons called Eve’s Diary and later a book called The Diaries of Adam and Eve. “Funny? Yes. And you expect that from Twain. But this is also a love story.” —Birmingham Weekly, May 1999

12. Blast from the Past (1999)

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Brendan Fraser, Alicia Silverstone, Christopher Walken, and the threat of nuclear war.

13. Futurama Nails It


“Maybe you and I were meant to build a new world here.”

“We can avoid humanity’s mistakes.”

“Like the tuba!...”

“And we’ll beget little Zack Junior and Leila Junior and they’ll beget kids of their...yech! Is that really what happened in the Bible?”

Watch it here.

14. His Dark Materials Trilogy by Philip Pullman


The book is mainly about Lyra and her quest to fulfill the prophecy of a girl who is “destined to bring about the end of destiny” at the expense of a great betrayal, for which she earns the unironic nickname Eve.

Interesting fact 1: In a reversal of the original Eve story, she does this by bringing about an end to death.

Interesting fact 2: Lyra’s original surname, Belacqua, is the name of a character in Dante’s Divine Comedy, a soul in the ante-purgatory, representing those who wait until the last opportunity before turning to God.

15. C. S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia


Not surprising, since he’s a master of Christian theology, in both fiction and non. In particular, in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, guys are called “sons of Adam” and girls the “daughters of Eve.”

18. And drum roll, please... Johnny Carson and Betty White

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“I notice you don’t mind the apple cider once you let it get hard.”

“Hey let me put it this way: I have to drink Eve; you’ve had a headache ever since the creator said ‘Let there be light!’”