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    17 Ways To Say No To Annoying Things You Don’t Want To Do

    If it isn’t a “hell yes!”, it should be a NO!

    1. Be Firm

    2. Play Dumb

    3. Awkward Pause

    4. Blame Your Assistant

    5. Use Circular Logic

    6. Lower Expectations

    7. Pretend You've Lost Your Mind

    8. Invoke Your High Standards

    9. Channel Your Inner Michelle Tanner

    10. Just Own It

    11. Change the Subject

    12. Offer An Alternative. Say "you are welcome to do x...

    ...While I do Y."

    13. Hide Behind Email

    14. Be Clear The Weekends Are Off Limits... It's Me Time

    15. Distract Them With Compliments

    16. Be Blunt

    17. Walk Away

    And Whatever You Do, Don't Say:

    For more ways to say no graciously, read ESSENTIALISM by Greg McKeown