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    11 Reasons Why Books Are Better Than Boyfriends

    This Valentine's Day, our date is better than your date.

    1. If you're in a relationship with a book, you never go to bed alone.

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    Let's get cuddly.

    2. Your mom will pretty much always approve of the relationship.

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    When do moms say "STOP READING THAT BOOK! THAT BOOK HAS TATTOOS AND NO FUTURE"? That would be never.

    3. If you're ready to meet a new book, it's easy to go out and find a new one.

    Your version of The Bachelorette? A library.

    4. It's easy to get space when you need it.

    The Weinstein Company / Via

    5. When things go bad, you CAN start over from the beginning.

    Disney / Via

    Why yes, Pooh, we can!

    6. You can skim over the parts you don't like.

    7. They smell GREAT.

    8. You can easily be in a relationship with more than one book and they never find out about each other.

    Disney / Via

    Sometimes a gal needs variety.

    9. Fantasizing is encouraged.

    Focus Features / Via

    Go ahead, let your imagination take your book relationship to the next level.

    10. It's a love that lasts a lifetime.

    Books are the ultimate childhood sweethearts. It's beautiful. Embrace it.

    11. We rest our case.

    Happy Valentine's Day, readers!

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