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    11 Faces You Make While Reading

    Because when you're reading a good book, or a not so good book, you've gotta express yourself. To yourself.

    1. While you're reading the prologue.

    2. When the male protagonist makes a bad, bad choice.

    3. When the protagonist is walking somewhere alone at night and you know this just can't end well.

    4. When the female protagonist chooses the wrong guy in the love triangle.

    5. When the suspense is just TOO MUCH TO HANDLE.

    6. When the antagonist gets served by the protagonist with a witty one-liner.

    7. When a favorite secondary character dies in the battle at the end.

    8. When the protagonist and the love interest FINALLY get together.

    9. When something totally and completely unexpected happens. When you least expect it.

    10. When the ending is...not great.

    11. But it's ok because you're already excited to read the next one.