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    12 Life Lessons From Traveling With Your Coworkers

    Because a team that travels together, stays together.

    #1 An hour's journey can feel like mere minutes.

    Good companions plus a good view? Yep, time just flies.

    #2 You can never take too many pictures of feet.

    They take us anywhere we want to go. They deserve a selfie, too.

    #3 Fear is better faced with a friend.

    When all else fails, bite off its head.

    #4 The ordinary becomes extraordinary with the right person.

    All you need is someone to show you a different angle. ;)

    #5 Plans can change in a second - but it's OK!

    In life, we need to be flexible.

    #6 Sometimes, all you need is a little push.

    Oh, and beer. Don’t forget the beer.

    #7 Be sure to celebrate little achievements.

    Big or small, remember to pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

    #8 Life's not so bad - even when you're in deep water.

    Breathe in, and breathe out. Everything will be okay. Eventually!

    #9 You're stronger than you think.

    Be proud of yourself. Look, you can open up giant sea shells!

    #10 You can be anything you want, even if it seems impossible at first.

    Or, you could just use your imagination for now.

    #11 Where there's darkness, there's light.

    Storms always pass, and nothing stays hidden forever.

    #12 Home could be anywhere, as long as there's love.

    And family could be anyone and everyone you meet.

    Traveling is ALWAYS better with a friend.

    But they’re busy at times. Your next best bet? Your coworker, of course!

    So why not take your office buddy on an adventure today?

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