26 Things That Will Remind You Of Being A Grunger

26 Things That Will Remind You Of Being A Grunger

1. 1. Bolt Jeans - 5 sizes too big

2. 2. Which had to be mangled

3. 3. and had a chain which you bought from a pet shop

4. 4. Not forgetting these

5. 5. And using this

7. 6. With a tortured childhood toy, dangling from the zipper

8. 7. And adorned with these

9. 8. You smoked these

10. 9. And drank this

11. 10. In your favourite hangout

12. 11. You read this

13. 12. Listened to this

14. 13. And played this

15. 14. You knew someone whose wrists looked like this

16. 15. But covered it up with these

17. 16. You shopped here

18. 17. To buy these

19. 18. And these

20. 19. You dyed your hair some ridiculous colour that stained your scalp

21. 20. This was a staple of any girl’s Saturday night outift

22. 21. Piled on with a lot of black eyeliner

23. 22. You went dancing

24. 23. With your worldly possession

25. 24. And your pocket money

26. 25. You loved morbid, revolting drawings because you were a sick motherfucker and nothing frightened you

27. 26. Except this

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