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9 Good Things Australia Gave Us

After seeing this post from our embarrassing NT siblings, we thought it best to remind the world of all the good, sophisticated and NOT STUPID stuff Australia has given the world.

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1. Australian Cattle Dogs

Known for the intense bonds they form with their owners, these dogs came from original drovers bred with motherflipping dingoes. That's some rugged bush street cred. And look at that smiling puddin'!

2. Science!

Specifically, nobel prizes, specifically, for a lot of ground breaking research in physiology or medicine. One dude did a comic book scientist and drank a petri dish of bacteria to prove it caused ulcers. Another was responsible for a little thing called penicillin.

3. Inventions!

The fridge, underwater torpedo, electric drill, feature length film (about a criminal), the tank (sort of), pacemaker, the blackbox flight recorder, bionic ear, polymer banknote (paper? why?), WiFi, a quantum bit and the wine cask.

4. The Aussie Burger

Contentious - is it the beetroot, the egg, or sometimes the pineapple that makes it an Aussie burger? Whatever the case, stacking it on and making us a nation of fatties is something the rest of this ever swelling world can appreciate.

5. AC/DC

On the backs of utes across the land, at the end of any boozy party, Acka Dacka are there, waiting to make everyone groan, but then end up screaming along in such a way as to shred common vocal chords. And Barney Stinson loves them.

The album Back In Black, along with releasing an all black cover before Metallica, has the following honours: "[sold] 50 million copies worldwide, making it tied for second highest-selling album of all time, the highest-selling album by a band, the best-selling hard rock album of all-time."

6. A Source of Lazy Comedy

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A shortcut for lazy American and British comedy writers from the dawn of time, the atrocious fake Australian accent (that sounds more like a drunk South African than an Aussie) and our apparently being stuck in the 80s of fashion and beer have given the BBC, SNL and a packet of Yanks and Poms in between something to dash out when they're really struggling to justify their existence.

8. Living Death

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Neurotoxic redback spiders that hide in toilets, the top 11 most venomous snakes in the world, great white sharks and saltwater crocodiles bigger than living rooms. Maybe not good, but if you're a kid or just like things that are awesome, c'mon over!

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