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18 Things Every Celiac Can Relate To

Gluten-free has become the fastest growing fad-diet of the last few years. But for some, it's not a choice.

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1. When people first learn about your dietary restrictions, it's usually followed by a slew of questions:

2. 'So, what do you eat?'

Though really, all you ever eat is

3. 'Well, what do you miss most?'

4. 'What happens if you eat a little bit?'

The truth is, when you eat a lot of gluten...

5. 'Did you lose a ton of weight when you stopped eating gluten?'

6. 'I hear you have way more energy though?'

7. 'But wait, doesn't that have gluten in it?'

When really, you're not even sure, because gluten is literally in everything.

8. Eating out is tough for every Celiac. Occasionally restaurants are good enough to offer a gluten free menu.

9. But then they bring you a regular menu that just looks like this.

10. You sometimes question waiters when they say something isn't gluten free.

11. Then there are the waiters who ramble on about cross-contamination.

12. Sometimes you willingly cheat.

13. Happy Hour is the bane of your existence.

Your friends all pay $1 for beer while you still pay $6 for cider, wine and well drinks.

14. But you don't let your disease hold you back from ordering late night pizza with your friends.

15. You got excited when your supermarket created a gluten free section.

16. And even more excited when Betty Crocker started a gluten free line.

17. Even though you have to be careful with certain liquors, there's one you know you can always count on.

18. And to everyone who eats gluten free for fun, you have one thing to say.

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