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This Is Why You Always Find Sewing Kits In Your Mother's Danish Butter Cookie Tins

A delicious worldwide mystery, now solved.

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Opening a Danish Butter Cookie Tin and finding black cake or a sewing kit not cookies. 😭😂. #CaribbeanProblems

When you see a butter cookies' box but it's filled with your teta's sewing kit

in a Filipino household you find either 1 of 2 things in this tin: 1. butter cookies or 2. a serious sewing kit. 😹

This is a picture of _______ A. Butter cookies B. Grandmas sewing kit #AskRachel

Universal feeling: When you open the butter cookies tin box expecting cookies but see a sewing kit.

But WHY though? What is it about these particular cookies that make them so attractive for sewing kits? Turns out there is an answer for this - all based on the history of packaging.

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