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    21 "Euphoria" Moments That The Gays Are Still Thinking About

    All I want now is to dance with Fez to INXS's "Never Tear Us Apart" in some roadside gay dive bar.

    Euphoria's sophomore season was a roller coaster of emotion. We laughed, we cried a number of times, we sweat, we danced...and now it's time to reflect. These are the moments that had us on the edge of our seats. SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

    1. Fez Beating Up Nate

    2. Cassie in the Tub

    3. Maddie Banging on the Door

    4. Young Cal and Derek

    5. Fexi

    6. The Lack of Kat

    7. Nate Giving Jules the Tape

    8. Cassie Meets a Brick Wall

    9. Cal Let's It All Hang Out

    10. Cassie Fights Back Tears

    11. The Mystery Jacobs Child

    12. Faye

    13. "Holding Out for a Hero"

    14. I Have Never Ever Been Happier

    15. Bobbi

    16. Jules and Elliot

    17. Ethan's Leading Roles

    18. The Yassification of Lexi

    19. Rue Spills Cassie's Secret

    20. Elliot's Song

    21. And lastly: Maddy Plays Dress-Up