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    7 My Little Pony Cocktails

    Friendship is Magic: the magic of getting wasted.

    Bronies need to cut loose. After all, if you’re an adult male super-fan of The Hub’s hit series My Little Ponies: Friendship Is Magic, you might be having a hard time explaining your obsession to your parents, friends and most ladies — which causes stress. Let these pony-based drinks take the edge off. Here are 7 My Little Pony cocktails:

    Mystic Amethyst / Via

    That horn could make a handy bottle opener.

    Soft Spoken / Via

    Don’t be shy, little pony. Drink all this vodka.

    Speed Demon / Via

    Real life horses also love energy drinks.

    Bold ‘n’ Delicious / Via

    Actually, in this picture, Applejack looks like she’s already had a few.

    Bourgeoisie / Via

    But really, aren’t all these cocktails inspired by a cartoon show for little girls classy?

    Pinkie Pie / Via

    Sprinkles are also really good in an old fashioned.

    Spike / Via

    And you worried these cocktails wouldn’t be manly enough.

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