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"We All Need The D" Says This Hilariously Awkward Yukon Government Ad

They meant vitamin D, buuuut...

Yukon Health and Social Services is running a campaign to remind people to take their vitamin D. But the, shall we say, thrust of the message is overshadowed by some hilariously awkward word choices.

"We all need the D. Even me!" declares a young mom in one poster for the campaign. It also asks, "How do you do the D?" That's a very personal question, Yukon Health And Social Services 😳.

Though it's certainly a shame that a government department endowed with such resources would come up with a tag line like, "Need a little help... with your daily D?"

And it's not just Yukon women who need the D, according to the government. This guy is in his 30s and he needs it bad.

Seems like the dog knew this campaign had issues.

As expected, the "need the D" campaign is getting some online attention, thanks to a photo uploaded to Imgur.

Haha, the Yukon government has no idea what "The D" actually means.

Oh, Yukon, you beautiful weirdo. "We all need the D."

One woman was even inspired to share her personal story.

This Yukoner overdosed on "the D" in jr high. Made me a lesbian. #Yukon

It appears Yukon Health and Social Services is now aware of the campaign's unfortunate wording. The link to a PDF of all three posters is dead.

BuzzFeed Canada has reached out for comment and will update if we hear back.


A spokesperson for the Department of Health and Social Services told Yukon News they knew "the D" was slang for sex when they used it in the ads.

“We knew it was an innuendo for sex,” said Pat Living. “We did not realize that it was as crude as it is now being purported to be.”

Living confirmed they have removed all of the ads, including some than ran inside local busses.


The agency responsible for the ads is Yukon Health and Social Services. An earlier version of this story misstated the agency's name.