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16 Times Winners Just Lost

Those garbage too-sticky price tags have got to go.

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1. When its pricing strategy was a total loser.

Instagram: @michy_mdz



Wow.... What a deal!!! #WinnersFail

4. When the product displays left something to be desired.

These may be on clearance but I think I'll pass... #WinnersFail

5. When it was really clear why some products didn't sell elsewhere.

I know Tony can't be OK with these. #WinnersFail

7. LOL @ this guy enjoying having the best moment of his life thanks to his "Party Rocker" kit.

Instagram: @eapetkov

8. When it had products that should just never exist.

Instagram: @rachyspachy

9. Caution: Nightmare fuel ahead.

Instagram: @tbenz_

10. When it seemed like stuff was just randomly thrown on shelves.

Honey, my steak tastes fu*clunk* #WinnersFAIL

11. When the sale price was still expensive AF.

Spotted a $500 ("sale" price) pair of Salvatore Ferragamo shoes at Winners. If I could afford that, would I really be shopping at Winners?


Why is the only purse I like $200.. #winnersfail


when you think you're shopping in winners and then you see a $100 price tag... Winners' tryna be something they're not.

14. When you think you score a deal, and then get home and discouver it's all fucked up.

Instagram: @lelainer

15. Or, after you've reluctantly spent your paycheque at Winners, you'll spend the rest of your time trying to peel their garbage price tags off.

I wonder how many manicures @WINNERS is responsible for ruining due to the removal of their annoying price tags! #Christmas #shopping 😩


I love @Winners but remind me never to Christmas shop there again. I’ve spent more time trying to remove price stickers than I did shopping.

You need to fix your price tags, Winners!