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    An Indiana Pacers Fan Asked What's Up With All The "Canadian Indian Muslim” Raptors Fans

    Maybe he meant Sikhs? Whatever, second round here we come!

    A video of an Indiana Pacers fan expressing genuine shock at all the "Canadian Indian Muslim" Raptors fans in the stands is spreading online:

    Facebook: video.php

    In the video the fan looks at the camera and says, "What is up with all the Canadian Indian Muslim fans? I don't understand it? They're everywhere!" The Raptors Republic Facebook page posted it on Saturday, and many people in the comments chided the man for being ignorant or racist.

    In response, one fan posted a photo of a group of Raptors fans taken in Indiana and said, "We took over their house!!!"

    نعيم مالك / Via

    But some fans who said they attended a playoff game in Indiana praised Pacers fans for being welcoming. One commenter, Sujith Sutha, called them "gracious hosts to a group of brown guys."

    Facebook / Via Facebook: raptorsrepublic

    The video also kicked off a Reddit thread, where one user claiming to be from Indiana said the fan was probably genuinely surprised by the diversity of Raptors fans.

    Reddit / Via

    Many on Reddit and the Raptors fan page said that the fans in question were most likely Sikh, rather than Muslim. For example, "SuperFan" Nav Bhatia never misses a game and has helped make the team popular within Toronto's South Asian community.

    Nav Bhatia / Via Facebook: navbhatiasuperfan

    “Basketball has given us a way to connect to the mainstream," Bhatia once told The New York Times. "We might look different, but we have the same passion for the game.”

    He also said, “I don’t drink. I don’t smoke. I don’t womanize. But I Raptorize. That’s it.”

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