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26 Canadian Dads Who Have It All Figured Out

Peak Canadad.

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1. This dad, who punched a cougar in the head when it attacked his daughter. “When it jumped on her I immediately grabbed her shirt and pulled her toward me and at the same time I struck the animal,” he said.

Anna Nielsen

2. This dad, who knows who he is and has earned the right to dress like this.

3. This dad, for giving sensible storm advice.

@vmquintero @flirtincurtin benefits of a Canadian father

It's our duty.

4. This dad, who raises kids and cabbage.

5. This dad, who is a model of multi-tasking.

6. This dad, who achieved greatness and made his family part of it.

The ultimate Canadian Father's Day gift!!!!

7. This dad, who turns his son's drawings into tattoos.

Chance Faulkner / Via
Chance Faulkner / Via

8. This dad, who got drunk and ate four bowls of Kraft Dinner while lounging in his Maple Leafs fleece.

4 servings of Kraft dinner, 1 drunk #Canadian dad. #godadgo

9. This dad, who used YouTube to introduce his daughter to Stompin' Tom.

Introduced my daughter to Stompin' Tom on YouTube tonight. She listened for over an hour. I'm pretty sure I'm Canadian Father of the Year.

10. This dad, who kept it real on Halloween even after getting a big promotion.

11. This dad, who built an increcible backyard rink.

12. This dad, who has no chill but loves his kid like crazy.

13. This dad, who shared his son's amazing passport photo with the world.

14. This dad, who makes kick-ass Halloween costumes for his son with a disability.

The Poole Family

15. This dad, who did the same and is now working with his wife to raise funds for an accessible park in his son's name.

16. This dad, who taught his daughter "how to chop my own wood, build my own fires, ice fish, man the boat, and ride ski-doo."

17. This dad, who helped invent skis for a stroller to make Canadian dadding more winter-friendly.

18. This dad, who broadened his horizons.

Why is my french canadian father watching Home Alone in spanish????

19. This dad, who put so much Canada into one moment that the world almost exploded.

20. This dad, who decided his family should live like it's 1986 and got a mullet and jean shorts to live his best life.

21. This dad, who keeps a multisport venue open all year long.

Today's Canadian Dad has a lot more to consider🏀🏒.

22. This dad, who let the internet name his daughter and had it turn out okay.

23. This dad, who did the most insane Elf On The shelf photoshoot.

24. This dad, for making his kid this happy.

An important Canadian father - son activity.

25. This dad, who may not in fact be Canadian, but who nevertheless could be any of us on a bad hockey dad day.

Way to go, Paul.

26. And Justin Bieber's dad, who showed that you can raise a rich and famous son and still embarrass the shit out of him by tweeting about a picture of his penis.