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    Watch This Moose Evade Police And Regain Its Sweet Freedom

    Moose on the loose, people.

    A moose was seen wandering around a parking lot in Corner Book, Newfoundland. The police gave chase. The world held its breath.

    CBC News / Via

    The moose was just out for a walk in the local mall parking lot.

    Up rolled the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary.

    CBC News / Via

    The moose made a break for the main road, but the cops followed in hot pursuit.

    CBC News / Via

    Police cars can't climb stairs, can they? The genius moose is triumphant.

    CBC News / Via

    The chase resumes. Fortunately, the moose "eventually made its way through the residential area and headed back into the wooded area," according to CBC News.

    CBC News / Via

    Respect the moose.


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