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This Newfoundland Woman's 100th Birthday Went Viral After She Asked Facebook For Likes

Meet the Facebook Queen of Baytona, Newfoundland.

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Mary Canning lives in the small community of Baytona, Newfoundland. Known locally as the Queen of Baytona, Canning turned 100 years old this week. To celebrate her centennial, she asked people on Facebook to give her at least 100 likes and shares.

The queen got far more than her wish — the Facebook post from Pleasantview Manor, where she lives, has been shared more than 300,000 times.


Her birthday party was a big deal. Lots of folks asked to take photos with her. "If they all gave me a dollar a piece I might have a lot of money," Canning told CBC. (Strong selfie monetization strategy, Mary.)

She also took a limo ride through town. Canning's stretch was accompanied by other vehicles to form a motorcade. They took her all the way to city hall.

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