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A Woman Asked A Cab Driver To Show Her The “Prettiest" Part Of Winnipeg And He Took Her To A Mall

"In all fairness it did have twinkling lights."

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Author and public speaker Erin Skye Kelly was in Winnipeg to give a weekend of workshops. She didn't have a lot of time to go sightseeing, so she and a colleague hopped in a cab and Kelly told the driver to "take us to the prettiest part of Winnipeg!"

Erin Skye Kelly / Via Facebook: ErinSkyeKelly

"He wanted clarification and because it's dark out, I suggested somewhere with twinkling lights, or perhaps a park," she wrote in a Facebook post.

The driver suggested he take them to Polo Park.

"Sure," Kelly said. "That sounds lovely."

She was excited to go see a beautiful Winnipeg park!

The cabbie soon turned into a parking lot. "He slowed to 6 km/hour and asked if I wanted to get out to take a picture," she told BuzzFeed Canada. "His voice conveyed 'taaaa-daaaaaaaa!' and I realized he was serious." Kelly captured the beautiful scenery:

Erin Skye Kelly / Via Facebook: ErinSkyeKelly

She looked up and saw the words "Polo Park" on the building. That's when Kelly realized the cabbie had taken them on a sightseeing tour of a mall.

"I took a photo through the window," Kelly said, "and my event coordinator and I could not make eye contact because we were both stifling giggles. He then just drove us back to our hotel, where we rolled out of the cab laughing so hard we couldn't breathe."

Here's a another part of that same mall during daytime. "In all fairness it did have twinkling lights [at night], so I did everything I could do not to laugh," Kelly said. "If he truly was proud of this mall, I sure as heck was not going to offend him."

People also responded to Kelly by posting beautiful images of Winnipeg, like this shot from local radio host Greg Mackling:

Greg Mackling / Via

"Winnipeggers have been awesome," Kelly said. "They have sent photos of landmarks and scenery and sent lists of places to visit which I most certainly will add to the schedule next time!"