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Snoop Dogg Is In Small-Town Nova Scotia And Everyone Is Offering Him Weed

Holy donair sauce.

Earlier this week Snoop Dogg Instagrammed that he was in Toronto. It created a mystery for the ages: Why is Snoop Dogg in Canada and what do those emojis mean?

Well, mystery solved! Snoop is in and around the small town of Truro, Nova Scotia, filming with Trailer Park Boys.

The Chronicle Herald broke the news, and reported that Snoop will be in more than one episode of the show.

. @SnoopDogg a hit with fans today on set of @trailerparkboys in #BibleHill

"For his part, between smoking small cigars and acting in scenes for the upcoming season of Trailer Park Boys, Snoop Dogg took the time to pose for photos with star-struck area residents," reported the Herald.

Snoop looked happy on set. Meanwhile, people were freaking out about him being in the area.

"Between smoking small cigars and acting...Snoop Dogg took the time to pose for photos."

Truro? For Real?

why is snoop dogg in truro??? i am in some kind of alternate universe where people come to truro?????

Many folks invited the Doggfather to join them in sampling local agricultural products.

@SnoopDogg please please PLEASE tell me the rumours are true and you ARE in my hometown in Nova Scotia!!!😍 I will smoke you out Snoop!❤️

@SnoopDogg hey I here your in truro nova scotia want to make a big fan happy come blaze a fatty with me I will supply the herb

One guy says he tried to get into Snoop's hotel to smoke him out. He was thwarted by security.

@SnoopDogg yoo i live in truro ya boi! I was just at the hotel your at and we wanted to smoke a blunt with ya! Security wouldn't let us thru

Snoop was invited to a local cribbage tournament. They also promised him weed (and beer).

Hey Mr. @snoopdogg - big cribbage tournament in Truro this weekend. We'd love a celebrity guest! Free beer and smoke for you! DM me.

Don't play cribbage without it...

This helpful guy offered to hook Snoop up with...batteries?

@SnoopDogg come over to Staples in Truro and I'll hook you up with some batteries for that g pen

Jealous of Truro being in the spotlight, some tried to lure Snoop to different parts of the province.

@SnoopDogg snoop come to lockview high school in Fall River while you're in Nova Scotia!!!

Enticing, but Snoop belongs to Truro now.