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    This Cat Spent 17 Years As A "Rodent Control Officer" Aboard A Famous Ship

    Erik put in 17 purrfect years aboard the CSS Acadia.

    For 17 years, Erik the Red has served as a "Rodent Control Officer" aboard the CSS Acadia, a ship that's a permanent fixture on the waterfront in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

    The CSS Acadia is part of the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. That means Erik is a part of maritime history.

    Erik is 18 years old and has some health issues. "It's time for Erik to 'swallow the anchor' as they say in sea-faring," the museum said in announcing his retirement.

    #ErikRetires in 2 Days! Sept 20th 12-3pm! Join our facebook event to see pics like this! -IM

    "He's been a well-loved sight on the waterfront for years making friends of people who may have never known he was part of our museum," the museum said.

    It's no longer ideal for Erik to live aboard the ship. So they decided to throw him a retirement party.

    The museum really got into the spirit, giving Erik a bit of a makeover thanks to Photoshop.

    People shared memories and photos.

    There were speeches.

    Ship keeper Steve shares his story of how #ErikRetires came to us!-JN

    Someone even read a poem.

    Party goers made silly hats.

    And, of course, there was cake.

    Cake #ErikRetires served at 2 pm in the boat shed! -JN

    Erik made an appearance aboard the Acadia.

    Look who's in the chart room of CSS Acadia #ErikRetires -JN

    Yeah, he seems ready for retirement.

    "Rodent Control Officer" Erik is retiring today from @ns_mma's CSS Acadia. A party was held. #ErikRetires #Halifax

    Thank you Erik the Red for your years of service on the waterfront. The mice are happy you're retiring. #erikretires

    Here's to a happy, relaxing retirement Erik!

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