“It’s enormously worrisome to me that Google allowed these highly over-permissioned apps to gain such prominence,” he said.

Craig Silverman • 9 days ago

Recently unsealed court documents and reporting from BuzzFeed News provide an inside look at how the FBI investigated two ad fraud operations.

Craig Silverman • 11 days ago

The removal comes after a BuzzFeed News report about the apps’ activity. It's a huge blow to two of China’s biggest app developers.

Craig Silverman • 12 days ago

Be smart about the apps you download, and learn the danger signs that an app is up to no good.

Craig Silverman • 16 days ago

The men are facing 13 charges for allegedly running sophisticated global ad fraud schemes.

Craig Silverman • 18 days ago

The company said it's "very seriously" examining the allegations that seven of its most popular apps are engaged in ad fraud.

Craig Silverman • 19 days ago

“Why isn't Google immediately dropping such apps from the Play store and advising users to uninstall them?” one analyst asked.

Craig Silverman • 20 days ago

He’s a registered nurse and former police officer, and his employer subsequently fired him after an investigation.

Craig Silverman • One month ago

"Hey, fake news, right?" said Larry Schweikart when asked about his false tweet.

Craig Silverman • One month ago

“Facebook banned me, they hate me. But that’s all good — I started posting on LinkedIn and everybody is following me,” said one Trump supporter.

Craig Silverman • One month ago

Attempts to confuse voters have already started circulating across social media.

Jane Lytvynenko • One month ago

Posts on the page, which features scores of current and former Chicago police officers, have gone far beyond boosterism. Some posts encourage police to abuse suspects.

Melissa Segura • One month ago

“Nobody knows how bad it is and nobody wants to know," said one critic of the ad industry.

Craig Silverman • One month ago

The story was also promoted in a Facebook ad, which is not supposed to happen.

Craig Silverman • One month ago

He said Google "may have engaged in willful blindness, all while profiting from this fraudulent activity."

Craig Silverman • One month ago

A BuzzFeed News investigation uncovered a sophisticated ad fraud scheme involving more than 125 Android apps and websites, some of which were targeted at kids.

Craig Silverman • One month ago

What Facebook’s partisan purge means.

Jane Lytvynenko • 2 months ago

“I can’t believe BuzzFeed was the one who actually fact checked.”

Craig Silverman • 2 months ago

“It is certainly the biggest story in politics since the 2016 election,” one publisher told BuzzFeed News

Craig Silverman • 2 months ago

Government hearings in Singapore put Facebook under intense scrutiny and have paved the way for a new fake news law in the country. That has human rights organizations and activists concerned.

Craig Silverman • 2 months ago