This Tiny Canadian House Has A Tiny Adorable Corgi Elevator And We Can't Handle It

    The elevator was built for a corgi, so now your world is complete.

    Judy Pratt and Nicky Duenkel are living in the tiny home of their dreams in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. The couple recently moved into a custom-built house that boasts a main floor measuring 175 square feet.

    "I'm retired and Nicky was working 60 to 80 hours a week and we just looked at one another and said, 'Is this the life we want to be living?'" Pratt told CBC News.

    They downsized their housing situation to save on living expenses, which gives them more time to enjoy life.

    They have a full kitchen, and sleep in a loft built above it.

    Their house also has a couch, desk, and a second loft with a bed for guests.

    One big requirement for the house was that their beautiful corgi, Shanti, could easily get up to the bedroom. He has a bad back, and the house's stairs are too difficult for him to climb.

    Matthew Willox of Howling Dog Construction came up with an idea: a doggie elevator. He designed it from scratch. Here he is trying it out with a tester during the construction phase.

    Now for the most important part: Here's Shanti taking a ride in his new personal elevator.

    And here he is hopping out onto the bed for some snuggles.