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Literally Just A Bunch Of Funny Tweets About Cleaning Your Phone Screen

"Just cleaned my screen and almost called someone on Whatsapp."

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1. Any good person with a pure heart knows that cleaning your phone or laptop screen is one of life's most underrated pleasures.

i just cleaned my screen and dusted my laptop and i feel so clean my laptop is clean im clean

2. It changes your whole perspective.


3. It reveals new and exciting things.

I just cleaned my screen and realized I haven't been punctuating anything properly since that sneezing fit a week ago.

4. You learn things about yourself.

Thought I had a huge scratch on my MacBook screen for like a year and then it came off when I finally cleaned my screen oops

5. And about others.

Sorry I thought you had a cancer mole on your boob avi It was just salsa Cleaned my screen My bad

6. Some people try to pretend that they love a dirty screen.

"Is that a crumb or an umlaut?" a game that would be ruined if I cleaned my screen.

7. But it should be an international law that if you let your screen get too dirty then other people are allowed to clean it for you.

Lol my computer screen was so dirty an apple employee came up and sprayed and cleaned my screen and just looked at me and said "I had to"

8. There are lots of cleaning techniques. This guy likes to use his underwear.

Using my underwear to clean my screen in class

9. A classic spit shine never goes out of style.

Man evolved over thousands of year to eventually produce the iPhone. I just spit cleaned my screen.


I just cleaned my screen by wiping spit on a few of your avi pictures. So basically 6 of you got to second base with me.

11. You can just straight up lick it, sure.

@JaiBrooks1 My #TeenChoice for #ChoiceWebStarComedy is @janoskians WHAT I DO WHEN I WANT TO CLEAN MY SCREEN

12. Pour vodka on it.

I just accidentally spilled vodka all over my phone and all it seemed to do was clean my screen 👌

13. Drop it in the toilet.

Just dropped my iPhone in the toilet. It is working faster than normal. If anything it cleaned my screen #everyoneshouldtrythis

Note: Do not drop your phone in the toilet.

14. Or clean it with a... hamburger bun.

Remember when you'd only wipe your phone's screen with a clean lint-free cloth? Ha ha I just cleaned my screen with a hamburger bun.

15. Remember that if you're gonna use your boob to clean your phone, lock your screen first.

Second time in a row I deleted an IG pic that I just posted by accident because I cleaned my screen with my boob.

16. Seriously, people, lock your phone screens before cleaning.

cleaned my screen faved 3 tweets rt 4 and followed 35 people

17. Lock them.

Just cleaned my screen and almost called someone on Whatsapp #truestory 🙈😂

18. Oh FFS.

Sorry I reported you. I was trying to clean my screen. 🙊

19. :|

Just cleaned my screen and this is what it tried to tweet "I'll UK op liposuction to and o"


Twitter / Via Twitter: @ukuleloo

21. FYI you do not need to clean your screen to take a good screenshot.

I just cleaned my screen trying to make sure it wasn't dirty for a screenshot. 😐

22. Beware that sometimes there are side effects to a clean screen. This guy got real fuckin' stabby.

I DARE YOU to touch my iPhone screen with your oily ass fingers after I cleaned my screen 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔨🏥

23. And you know that 5 mins later he was like...

I just cleaned my screen and now its full of shit again