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30 Strange Things That Could Only Happen In Nova Scotia

You call that a donair?

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1. When Nova Scotia Power blamed outages on squirrels, crows, seagulls and "salty fog."

Mmmmm salty fog...
The Globe And Mail / Via

Mmmmm salty fog...

2. When a TV series involving a bunch of weed-smoking, rum-drinking, shopping cart-stealing high school drop-outs became a big hit and a local institution.

3. This sign at the liquor store.

4. A very expensive lobster theft.

5. This Cape Bretoner's "redneck snowplow."

Watch it in action.
James Macdonald / Via

Watch it in action.

6. "Barrett's Privateers" as a church sermon.

Only in Halifax would that be considered a hymn

7. When a guy created a Twitter account about dumb people who go out too far on the rocks at Peggys Cove.

So uh, any thoughts, Charles Darwin? #peggyscove #moronsofpeggyscove

8. When city bureaucrats were tasked with preparing an official report about naming the donair Halifax's official food.

They came back with "no recommendation." But city council ended up making the declaration anyway.
The Coast / Via

They came back with "no recommendation." But city council ended up making the declaration anyway.

9. When Food Network came up with something they called a "Nova Scotia Donair Kebab"...

Just popped up on my FB lol T'is a crime to call that a donair

10. And people were having none of it.


11. This meal preparation.

Blowtorching dinner. Donair Meat east coast style.

12. A batshit crazy political scandal involving an MLA being bitten by his (former) lover at a a park called "The Dingle."


13. This car accident.

14. When a groom left his own wedding reception to plow-out his guests during a snowstorm.

Michelle MacLean
Jeremy Landry

15. This response to the Rob Ford crack scandal.

16. This lobster trap Christmas tree, featuring "Santa Claws."

John Morrie

17. This pairing.

@UweBollocks Peak Nova Scotia up in hurr

18. This shade-throwing ad.

So Nova Scotia put this up in the middle of downtown Toronto :)

OK, technically the ad ran in Toronto — but there's no ad if you ain't got no Scotia to begin with.

19. A fog-delayed baseball game.

Ballgame called on account of fog is so Nova Scotia.

20. When Cape Breton MP Rodger Cuzner and a mall security guard named Chris chased down a shoplifter who'd stolen two duvets from The Bay.

View this video on YouTube

21. ...and the shoplifter paused mid-escape to light a smoke!

Cape Breton Post / Via

@pdmcleod "Boys, boys, time out. Got a dart?"

22. This graffiti.

23. These street names.

Google / Via

25. A band named Donair Supply.

Get it?
Alex MacAulay / Via Facebook: donairsupply

26. When this guy wore his best weed outfit to catch a glimpse of Snoop Dogg while he was filming a scene with the Trailer Park Boys in Bible Hill.

27. And then he became a local celebrity forever known as Weed Kid.

Truro Daily News / Via

28. When it looked like this two days before the official start of spring.

Did someone not tell #winter that #spring is 2 days away in #Halifax #WinterISurrender

29. And people were like:

This person has it right! #novascotia #nsstorm

30. When a Bridgewater man got drunk, drove his lawnmower to the liquor store, and then parked it at Wendy's to get a bite.

CBC News / Via