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30 Strange Things That Could Only Happen In Nova Scotia

You call that a donair?

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3. This sign at the liquor store.


6. "Barrett's Privateers" as a church sermon.

Only in Halifax would that be considered a hymn

7. When a guy created a Twitter account about dumb people who go out too far on the rocks at Peggys Cove.

So uh, any thoughts, Charles Darwin? #peggyscove #moronsofpeggyscove


9. When Food Network came up with something they called a "Nova Scotia Donair Kebab"...

Just popped up on my FB lol T'is a crime to call that a donair

11. This meal preparation.

Blowtorching dinner. Donair Meat east coast style.


13. This car accident.

15. This response to the Rob Ford crack scandal.


17. This pairing.

@UweBollocks Peak Nova Scotia up in hurr

18. This shade-throwing ad.

So Nova Scotia put this up in the middle of downtown Toronto :)

OK, technically the ad ran in Toronto — but there's no ad if you ain't got no Scotia to begin with.

19. A fog-delayed baseball game.

Ballgame called on account of fog is so Nova Scotia.

20. When Cape Breton MP Rodger Cuzner and a mall security guard named Chris chased down a shoplifter who'd stolen two duvets from The Bay.

View this video on YouTube

@pdmcleod "Boys, boys, time out. Got a dart?"

22. This graffiti.


28. When it looked like this two days before the official start of spring.

Did someone not tell #winter that #spring is 2 days away in #Halifax #WinterISurrender

29. And people were like:

This person has it right! #novascotia #nsstorm