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    Posted on Nov. 2, 2015

    Jose Bautista Offered Prizes For Dressing Up Like Him And People Went All Out

    French bulldog with a bat flip is what Halloween 2015 was made for.

    Blue Jay Jose Bautista announced he would give out a prize to the five people who get the most retweets for a photo of them dressed up as him for Halloween. The contest is almost over, and people β€” and animals! β€” have outdone themselves.

    Contest time guys! Tweet Pic of @JoeyBats19 costume with #JoeyBats19Halloween and 5 tweets with most RT by midnight Sunday wins a JB hat!

    First we have a very pristine Bautista beard.

    @JoeyBats19 How's my cut? #JoeyBats19Halloween #teachershavemorefun πŸŽƒ

    Like, she should run a house painting company or something.

    Bautista may not be crazy about the ear interpretation on this one.

    @joeybats19 serving up some #HUNGRY #hamont customers #bluejays #dessert #beer #JoeyBats19Halloween #greatcustome

    So much going on here, wow. We're kinda terrified, actually.

    @JoeyBats19 luv the Jays #JoeyBats19Halloween

    This costume involved someone dressing up as a bat. So it has that going for it.

    Recreation of epic bat flip. Happy Halloween! #JoeyBats19Halloween

    There were, of course, many bat flip entries.

    Retweet for my 10 yr old son to win a @JoeyBats19 hat!!! His bday is Halloween! #JoeyBats19Halloween #BIueJays

    Videos, even.

    Happy Halloween! πŸ˜„ @JoeyBats19 @BlueJays #JoeyBats19Halloween #BatFlip

    This kid nailed it.

    But now let's get to the really important entries: baby Bautistas, and other adorableness. Look at this right now.

    Not even 2 months old and going as the best slugger in the league #Joeybats19Halloween @JoeyBats19

    Oh, these two.

    Happy Halloween!@JoeyBats19 #JoeyBats19Halloween

    This girl "was the only non-princess at her preschool."

    My 4yo @JoeyBats19 was the only non-princess at her preschool. I think we won parenting. #JoeyBats19Halloween

    Serious cuteness.

    @JoeyBats19 #JoeyBats19Halloween AidenChalloween #BlueJays


    My daughter wanted to be @BringerOfRain20 so I had to grow a beard and be @JoeyBats19 #JoeyBats19Halloween

    This is Bautista "after ALCS game 6," according to the parent who took this pic. (The Jays lost that game, and the series.)

    @JoeyBats19 #JoeyBats19Halloween after ALCS game 6 :)

    To go in the other direction, this guy should probably not get your retweet vote.

    But this was absolutely next level.

    Alright you ghouls, here's my Ridin' Dirty @JoeyBats19 costume for #JoeyBats19Halloween contest πŸ‘»βšΎοΈπŸ‘»

    Also, yes, there was a "sexy Bautista" entry.

    The greatest costume I've ever had: Sexy @JoeyBats19. #JoeyBats19Halloween

    Jose Meowtista made a very important appearance. (RT this or you are dead to us.)

    Happy Halloween #BlueJays fans! Of course Joey Cats is dressed up as @JoeyBats19! Meow. #Joeybats19Halloween

    And THIS. A French bulldog with a bat flip is what Halloween 2015 was made for.

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