33 Incredible Real Headlines That Could Only Happen In Canada

“Sister hits moose on way to visit sister who hit moose.”

1. Let’s get started with the classic mixture of alcohol and bad behaviour at a hockey game.

2. Her act would have gone over much better here.

3. “Canadian very sorry.”

4. In Canada, moose headlines are an entire genre unto themselves.

8. But this — this — is the pinnacle.

9. Moose cause a lot of problems, but an angry beaver can terrorize an entire town.

10. “Still at large.”

11. Deer, on the other hand, prefer to mess with your mind.

Temped to make a deer pun? Hold that thought…

13. Beware of cougars.

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15. In Canada, danger is everywhere.


17. And crime is no joke.


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24. At least you can count on the cops to find the culprits.

And give you a little something extra for your troubles…

25. They respond quickly to calls from the public.

27. And move with haste to respond.

28. In fairness to them, there is a lot of crime at Tim Hortons.

It also turned out the goat may have been kidnapped.

Kid. Napped.

33. And then there’s this, which is everything.

He made a video, too:

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Craig Silverman is Media Editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in Toronto.
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