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    An Intern Fell Asleep At His Desk So People Photoshopped Him Into Hilarious Scenes

    Thanks for the internship! What should I.....zzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Eduard Paraschivescu was on the second day of his internship at a Montreal company when he began to feel tired. Before he knew it, he'd nodded off in his chair.

    His co-workers at GSoft, a software engineering firm, immediately snapped photos and videos with the sleeping intern. They posted this awesome group shot to the company Facebook page. / Via

    "By the way, we're recruiting other interns..." the post said.

    Paraschivescu told CBC he has slight anemia, which contributed to his sleepiness.

    Paraschivescu was a good sport. He posted that photo to Reddit's Today I Fucked Up subreddit, and soon it made its way to the site's PhotoshopBattles section. Suddenly he was asleep in some famous and hilarious settings. Here he is as Paul McCartney.

    CptSasquatch / Via

    In Game of Thrones.

    Lucask111 / Via

    As Homer Simpson.

    jono836 / Via

    Enjoying some virtual reality in the office.


    Serenading his coworkers as Elton John.

    Foxdog175 / Via

    "It doesn't really bother me — I'm not naked, I'm not getting shamed," Paraschivescu told CBC. "I'm just surrounded by amazing people who are having a blast!"

    Someone imagined what this would look like as a movie poster.

    Your_Post_As_A_Movie / Via

    Paraschivescu was also made into the (deceased) star of Weekend at Bernie's.

    djtitmasterflex / Via

    And into He-Man.

    But it wasn't all fun and sleeping-intern games. Someone got creepy by adding a pair of blinking eyes onto Paraschivescu's face.

    ilovecreed / Via


    Then that was topped by the photoshopping of Paraschivescu's face on everyone else in the photo.

    Professor_Rix / Via

    Good luck sleeping tonight...

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