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    This Is What It's Like To Be A Parent At Great Wolf Lodge

    Beer tastes better in wolf ears.

    1. When you get into your room and realize, yep, you're sleeping in a bed right next to the kids.

    Great Wolf Lodge / Via Facebook: Greatwolfwaterpark

    2. But you also realize that you packed with this in mind.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @TJKlopp

    3. Right away your kids see that all the other kids have wolf ears, so that's purchase number one.

    We've arrived! Gonna be a #howlingoodtime #GreatWolfLodge

    4. And tons of them are running around with MagiQuest wands. So, purchase number two.

    Great Wolf Lodge / Via Facebook: Greatwolfwaterpark

    OK everyone, out of the store and into your bathing suits!

    5. That magic moment when the kids get their first look at the water park.

    Great Wolf Lodge / Via Facebook: Greatwolfwaterpark

    6. After waiting in a very long line with a very excited and impatient kid, you make it to the top! And now your little one isn't so sure about this particular slide.

    Great Wolf Lodge / Via

    7. When you take a turn at the Ten Paw Alley thinking, "I'm gonna send these tiny pins flying." And it's a gutter ball every time.

    Great Wolf Lodge / Via Instagram: @greatwolflodge

    8. Getting your MagiQuest on.

    9. Walking up and down the same stairs, and going in and out of the same elevators on quest after quest.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @jmodem

    But still being thankful that they get a thrill every time their wand opens a chest of coins, or makes a painting on the wall come to life.

    10. Patiently standing there while your kid tries to get one of the big MagiQuest things to work for them.

    Craig Silverman

    Finally, you take a turn.... and it doesn't work for you, either.

    11. And when another parent shows up and tells you how to do it, you are so grateful you actually want to kiss them.

    Craig Silverman

    12. Buying $20 worth of credits at the arcade and expecting them to last a while. Then they're gone in 15 minutes and you realize it will take an insane amount of tickets to claim any decent prizes.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @JaredDJohnson

    13. When you're smiling but crying because your kid is happy but you had to buy $60 of credits to win that $10 bear.

    Great Wolf Lodge / Via

    14. Getting to the buffet and realizing this is where you're gonna make all that arcade money back.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @sarcasmically

    16. Seeing other parents who are trying to keep it real in any way possible.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @gibberish_g

    17. And those who will not be denied their vacation.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @hi_im_emilye

    18. You realize beer tastes better in wolf ears.

    19. But you feel kinda bad walking around with alcohol in your hand all the time, so you decide to camouflage it.

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @screamingmd

    20. When the kids are finally asleep and all you can think about is the next morning's breakfast buffet.

    21. When your little one wakes up in the middle of the night petrified. "No sweetie, there aren't any real wolves here. It's just the name of the place, so you don't have to worry."

    Great Wolf Lodge / Via Facebook: Greatwolfwaterpark

    22. When it's time to check out and you realize all the luggage carts are gone, so you have to go hunting in the parking lot.

    Craig Silverman

    23. When the car is finally packed and you're starting to pull away, you suddenly hear a small voice in the back: "When can we go back?"

    20th Century Fox / Via

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