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    A Bunch Of Americans Shared Reasons Why They’d Never Make It In Canada

    More bagged milk for us.

    A group of Americans launched the #WhyICouldNeverBeCanadian hashtag and invited their fellow non-Canadians to list reasons why they'd never fit in up here. The group's first tweet attacked our sacred bags of milk:

    Buying milk in bags is wrong on so many levels. #WhyICouldNeverBeCanadian

    (Yes, I know not all of Canada has bagged milk!)

    Some people went after Canadian bacon.

    #WhyICouldNeverBeCanadian because Canadian bacon isn't really bacon!

    This person called it "ham posing as bacon."

    #WhyICouldNeverBeCanadian I love bacon. BACON bacon. Not Canadian Bacon, which is like ham posing as bacon.

    Look friends, a lot of us up here call it peameal bacon or back bacon, so you can take your bacon hate back accross the border.

    There were the expected jibes directed at how we supposedly pronounce the word "about."

    #WhyICouldNeverBeCanadian Because I like to pronounce "About" the right way

    Except that almost no one in Canada says "aboot." We spread this rumor in order to easily identify non-Canadians who we never want to hang out with. Now you're on the list, @NachoPotatoe.

    The hashtag was a great showcase of people who could never cut it up here.

    #WhyICouldNeverBeCanadian I think Tim Horton's couldn't be as good as Dunkin Donuts

    Wtf is a province #WhyICouldNeverBeCanadian

    #WhyICouldNeverBeCanadian I think gravy belongs on mashed potatoes, not fries. There, I said it. Not sorry.

    Meanwhile, Canadians were like:

    I'm sorry I can't hear you over our pretty money, Timbits and the letter 'U'. #WhyICouldNeverBeCanadian

    #WhyICouldNeverBeCanadian is a cute hashtag from a nation about to let hitler be their new president

    But if we're being honest, some people had legitimate beefs.

    #whyicouldneverbecanadian need I say more

    #WhyICouldNeverBeCanadian I don't like Bryan Adams or his son Justin Bieber.

    #WhyICouldNeverBeCanadian Because bears in Canada fly.

    I vote we offer this woman citizenship immediately.

    #WhyICouldNeverBeCanadian I would eat all the moose

    This guy also seems fun.

    #WhyICouldNeverBeCanadian I couldn't get used to the kangaroo attacks. Sorry, we don't learn about other countries. I'm just guessing here.

    Hope he likes raccoons.

    Then there were those who used the hashtag as a way to call out the differences between Canada and the U.S.

    I'm too used to having my healthcare expensive and my gun violence random! #WhyICouldNeverBeCanadian @TagUsOut

    #WhyICouldNeverBeCanadian How tedious to wake up each morning KNOWING nobody is going to mow you down with a military-style weapon #USA4Guns

    I hate good health care, nice people and free hugs... #WhyICouldNeverBeCanadian

    Actually, Devin, a hug costs a toonie up here.

    Some people just couldn't handle the idea of Canada.

    #WhyICouldNeverBeCanadian I don't like to be happy and I am afraid I would be too happy.

    They have no idea what they're missing.

    I'm sad for all these people tweeting #WhyICouldNeverBeCanadian. Never being a Canadian is no way to live.

    But in the end, we'd even welcome the poutine-hating abooters. Because Canada 🇨🇦

    Honestly, I have zero reasons #WhyICouldNeverBeCanadian. 😆🌍

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