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Chris Hadfield And Adam Savage Won Comic-Con With These Spacesuits

Sandwiches were also eaten.

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Each year, Mythbusters' Adam Savage builds a costume to wear on the floor of Comic-Con. This time he built two spacesuits inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey, he and invited Great Canadian and actual real-life astronaut Chris Hadfield to join him.

"Chris, have you ever worn a fake spacesuit before?" Savage asked him in a video of about their Comic-Con walk.

"No," Hadfield said.

He's also never been to Comic-Con before.

They even had an integrated cooling system to ensure Savage and Hadfield wouldn't collapse from heat while walking around. "Everyone remembers I almost got heatstroke last year," Savage said.


Almost ready.

The video shows the whole fun surreal experience with Adam: @Comic_Con @EW

They got into the hotel elevator and headed down to the convention floor.


What it's like to put on a movie spacesuit with Adam Savage @donttrythis @andyweirauthor


Watch the full video of their Comic-Con walk here:

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