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This Is The Prom Arrival To End All Prom Arrivals

No stretch limo for this couple.

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The kids at Amherst Regional High School in Nova Scotia have a tradition of one-upping each other with their prom entrances. This year there were stretch SUVs.

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As well as some beautiful classic cars.

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Now meet Mackenzie Cole, who made those cars look like sad-ass tricycles. He planned and executed a prom entrance none of his classmates could top.

Cole booked a helicopter to bring him and date Makaila Chisholm to the prom.

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Cole saved money from his job to pay for the flight, according to CBC. It cost approximately $2,000. He kept it a secret from his parents until the day before prom.

"They told me that it's my money so I'm free to spend it as I will," he told BuzzFeed Canada.

Cole works 30 to 40 hours a week as a lifeguard at a local pool. He also does all the unglamorous chemical work for the pool. Would it be worth it?

Typical day at work #poollife #chlorine #staysafe

Prom day arrived and the lovely couple headed to the Halifax airport to catch their ride.

Liftoff! Their flight plan included "a scenic 50-minute flight over some of the province," Cole said.

They could not land at the school, so Cole arranged for them to touch down in a nearby field. He even cut a circle in the grass to ensure it was safe for landing.

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Did those chopper blades mess up up his date's hair?

"The rotors on the chopper were completely stopped before we exited so her hair was spared," Cole said.

Local media are giving Cole his due for planning the perfect prom arrival.

High school graduate in Nova Scotia takes helicopter to prom

The chopper company also gave a shout out by mentioning "how much work this young couple put into coordinating the flight, obtaining landing permissions. Great work guys and have a great summer."

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Safe to say his legend is secure.

Forget all of your fairytale aspirations. People in #Amherst #NovaScotia rode to prom in a #fucking #helicopter.

"I've seen some people take ATVs and hay wagons but I think this one takes the cake for the most unique," Cole told CBC.

Facebook: philfraserphotography