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15 Americans Who Finally Found The Perfect Reason To Move To Canada

"Here i come original cannabis cup im bout to fuck up yo town drake"

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1. Our new prime minster has plans to legalize weed. This is causing Americans to strongly consider moving to Canada. The moment is here.

Suffice to say moving to Canada seems like a good idea now 😏 P.S. He plans on legalizing weed in Canada. Seriously.

2. For real.

Moving to Canada. He bout to make weed legal. man knows what's up.

3. Justin is the full package.

He's legalizing weed, isn't a total racist dick, is down with Muslims and has a tat. I'm moving to Canada. #Trudeau

4. We now have everything a person needs. Moving to Canada. Legal weed, free healthcare, polite society, and THEIR PM IS HOT, OKAY.


5. So we deserve your strong consideration.

I'm really thinking about moving to Canada if they really legalize weed

6. Imagine what you could do up here, in your new life.

So that's it. I'm moving to Canada to live out the rest of my days as a lumberjack and growing weed. #cannabis


Moving to canada and growing weed in a trailer park sounds like the life

You said it, friend.

8. The situation in the U.S. makes it even more attractive to finally, really move to Canada.

America is getting crazy, I think I'm moving to Canada and get some free health care and smoke the best weed.



The second Clinton or Trump becomes president and Canada legalizes cannabis, I'm burning my student loans and moving to Canada. Honestly.

(Collection agencies exist up here, too. Sorry.)

10. Watch out Drake!

Im moving to canada here i come original cannabis cup im bout to fuck up yo town drake

11. Okay but hold on, weed isn't actually legal yet.

Man weed and gay marriage is legalized, I'm moving to Canada


I'm moving to Canada since they legalized and smoke so much weed that it's hot boxing Nebraska too


13. And no one said anything about free weed...

14. People, that's not how it works up here.

Moving to Canada cuz they got vending machines with weed in it .

15. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If Justin Trudeau legalizes gay weed, I'm moving to Canada

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