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A Crazy Hail Storm Led To This Awesome Wedding Photo

Hail to the couple.

A massive, sudden hail storm struck Calgary on the weekend. It sent people fleeing for cover.

Hail havoc on the #CalgaryStampede grounds! Yikes! #yyc


Hail is coming down hard in downtown Calgary #abstorm

That was also the wedding day for Helen Knight and Owen Chan. They seem like pretty awesome people, yes?

Helen Knight / Via
Helen Knight / Via

Before the storm hit, the wedding party assembled at Tom Campbell's Hill Natural Park to take photos with the Calgary skyline in the background.

But as they set up and began to pose, dark clouds began rolling in.

"I had a brief, 'maybe we should take note' moment as I saw part of down-town become obliterated by rain, but then I turned my back and began feeling fabulous for my friend's camera once again," Knight told BuzzFeed Canada.

The storm was coming, but they stayed and posed.

The result is this amazing shot, taken just before the storm drenched the entire wedding party.

Knight said that they "knew that a storm was abrewin' but did not expect it to hit so fast, nor so hard."

She described the scene as the skies opened up on them:

We had two goals: protect my hair, protect the cameras, everything else was thrown under the proverbial bus - especially the groomsmen (chivalry lives!) Within less than a minute, both Owen and I were soaked from the knees down ... In the 1 second between when my head left the umbrella's coverage and found the car, a bucket of rain found it's way to my forehead, so my bangs were plastered to my face. Both Owen and I had puddles in our shoes.

The wet wedding party rushed to the couple's house to try and dry off before dinner. "The boys tossed all of their suits into the dryer and the bridesmaids worked quickly to fix Helen's hair and blow dry her dress," said photographer Cassie Molyneux.

Cassie Molyneux / Cassie's Camera

Molyneux (left) and the couple have been getting lots of attention for the pic. Here they are grabbing some ice cream after a local TV appearance.

Molyneux said the fact that the couple "basically had buckets of water dumped on them on their wedding day and still came out smiling, happy and full of love just blew me away and I now love them even more!"

Helen Knight / Via

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