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    17 Signs It's The Victoria Day Long Weekend In Canada

    Ladies and gentlemen, start your barbecues.

    1. Canadian Tire and other stores are all pushing Muskoka chairs and coolers and outdoor furniture.

    And the snowblowers have been replaced by barbecues!

    2. Everything in the meat section of the grocery store has one of those BBQ stickers on it.

    Craig Silverman

    3. People have been using their lunch breaks to get supplies for the weekend.


    Which means the office fridge has some awesome and tempting things inside...

    4. Everyone with a cottage is getting ready to open it.

    Les Palenik / Getty Images

    5. Everyone else is thinking about who they know with a cottage, or how to rent one, or which park they will make their home.


    6. If you own a cottage, you're dealing with an avalanche of emails, texts and other messages from friends who casually ask if you are opening the cottage this weekend.

    7. Skirts, sundresses and other long-forgotten clothing items are getting back into daily rotation (even if they smell musty from storage).

    Stephanie Delay / Getty Images

    8. You trade Sorels for sandals. And then freeze your toes for wearing them too soon.

    9. Provinces where you can buy beer and wine at the corner store have dedicated a questionable amount of square footage to beer displays. And rosé is everywhere.

    Michael Coghlan CC BY-SA / Via Flickr: mikecogh

    10. You spend a lot of time staring at booze displays while waiting in holiday alcohol-buying lineups.

    O.ang. / Bundesarchiv / Via

    11. Unlike the last few months, your barbecue can get hot and stay hot.


    12. Really bad drivers become insanely bad drivers thanks to all the stuff they are towing behind them.

    13. Any outdoor seating area that provides food and drink service is suddenly the best place ever, in spite of that frost warning.

    Bofotolux / Getty Images

    14. Everyone is happy and friendly and walking and smiling and hey let's love each other forever because summer is herrrrrrre!!

    15. There are no Canadian teams left in the NHL playoffs :(

    16. Your friend Dave announces that after months of lab testing he has perfected a new ribs recipe that will be unveiled this weekend.

    Jdwfoto / Getty Images

    17. You know it doesn't matter what Dave does to those ribs, they will taste amazing because it's the May long weekend, you're eating ribs cooked by your friend and each weekend from now on will only be better.

    Viewapart / Getty Images

    Until Labour Day... But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

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