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People Are Uspet With The BBC In Cardiff After A 3:30am Wake-Up

An unusual explosion happened in Cardiff...

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It all started at 3:30am.

Just woken up by 2 il huge explosions in Cardiff and sirens everywhere??

Then the bang spawned a hashtag!

@JoshC_Bluebird same here down near ferry road seemed further south... Helicopter is out... Odd #cardiffbang

The investigation into what happened commnced later that morning.

Did you hear the #cardiffbang last night?

Not cool.

So who will be first to solve the #Cardiffbang mystery from last night?! Couldn't sleep after being woken around 3 in the morning.

But it turned out that it was all for TV

.@ILovesTheDiff Yeah apparently Casualty producers think it's ok to wake up half of Cardiff at 3am by filming an explosion scene..... 😡

One of the writers of Casualty (@mjbarry101) didn't seem best pleased with all the attention and posted a flippant reply to the tweet above sighting how much the show does for the local economy...

...and then later deleted it.

Probably don't blow stuff up at 3:30am?

Ta @mjbarry101. Can you write fewer night time explosions, the good people of Cardiff Bay ask.

Because TV trumps a good nights sleep right?

So those three sleep-ruining explosions at 3am were for an episode of 'Casualty'? And this is OK because IT'S FOR TELEVISION. #CardiffBang


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