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  • Imagine a Place Like Chuck E Cheese, But With a Full Bar and Classic Video Games Tailored for an Adult Crowd.

    Local Austin business Game Over Videogames has teamed up with Atari founder to create a new concept of stores. Nolan Bushnell will invest over 100 million dollars and the new entity will be called Game Over Entertainment. Game Over Videogames opened it’s first store in Austin, Texas in 2005. It now has three stores in the Austin area and one in San Antonio. The goal was to create a store where classic and vintage video games could exist, be cleaned, merchandised and sold. Quote from Bushnell “…the time is right to bring back the great combination of classic video games, cheap pizza, and fantastic animatronics shows! Plus, this time, we’ll be after a slightly older crowd than Chuck E Cheese’s, and we’ll feature a full bar in all locations.” Sounds like a lot of fun. Congratulations to the guys and gals over at Game Over Videogames. I’ve bought plenty of NES games there and have always appreciated their support to classic gamers by holding tournaments, having a knowledgeable, friendly staff and a great selection of games. I really hope this isn’t an April Fools joke. Interview with David Kaelin, Game Over Videogames founder:

  • You Know How I Know I Live in Texas?

    Two men were arrested and charged with DUI’s while riding their horse and mule down 6th street. They were trying to lure people to come out and take pictures of them. Hello Austin.

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