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    • coylerd

      No, Bill, it actually is not. Can you recite the 2nd Ammendment without looking it up? Because I can. And that’s why I know that it refers to a “well regulated militia” and the people within that malitia as having the right to keep and bear arms. That’s ARMS, not guns. Arms includes tanks, jets, bases, helicopters, RPGs, mortars, etc… The point of the 2nd Ammendment is to allow free states to maintain security and protect against tyranny from the government. To do that, they need to be allowed access to all weapons of war that the government has access to. You really think your 6 shot revolver and semi-auto rifle would stand up against a drone? It wouldn’t. And the founding fathers knew that. They also knew they couldn’t give individuals the right to every form of military armament (which included things such as cannons, war ships and forts back then). So they gave the right to the state to form a well regulated militia, and they have done that. So stop pretending to be the wall between freedom and tyranny. You’re a fucking ant, and the government could stomp you out with ease if they wanted. It’s the “well regulated militia” of the state discussed in the 2nd Ammendment that is actually responsible for protecting against tyranny.

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