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Find Out How You'd Act In A Zombie Apocalypse Based On Your Zodiac Sign

These are scary accurate.

1. Aries

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The fiery ram of the zodiac would be the unofficial leader that actually gets the group into more trouble than they bargained for. They're the bravest sign of the zodiac and would no doubt kill zombies like a boss! Aries usually don’t plan ahead and would act first and think later which could definitely put them (and anyone with them) in danger!

2. Taurus

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Known as the grounded bull of the zodiac, a Taurus would always be trying to find more food and complaining when there isn’t enough to go around. They'd probably start a garden of fruits and vegetables. These stubborn bulls would put themselves in charge of rationing food and maybe sneak an extra treat from time to time. (Are there any Hot Cheetos left during an apocalypse?)

3. Gemini

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The ever-curious and youthful air sign, Geminis would be too loud when there are zombies nearby and not even realize it. So, we'd recommend staying far away from this sign during any apocalyptic scenario. This sign is also most likely be used as bait by the other signs. #vibecheck.

4. Cancer

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Represented by the crab, Cancers are the emotional center of the zodiac. They'd primarily be concerned about everyone’s safety but wouldn't explore very much or put their lives on the line. But hey, they're the glue keeping the group together. So, basically... they're baby.

5. Leo

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Bold and courageous, Leos are probably the loudest fire sign of the bunch. They'll constantly complain about the lack of clean water but mostly because they just really dislike when their hair is oily. Also, they're the only ones brave enough to go on supply runs without question.

6. Virgo

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Perhaps the most ambitious of the signs, Virgos would step up to the plate during an apocalypse. They'd come up with all the plans and play doctor if anyone were to get hurt. They'd assign jobs and make sure there’s an even distribution of work. Honestly, they're the parent of the group, and they will pull the car over if you aren't acting right.

7. Libra

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Symbolized by the scales, Libras are the epitome of balance. They would be constantly trying to prove themselves. However, they'll also end up relying on others a bit too much. During any group quarrel, they'd be the voice of reason.

8. Scorpio

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The most passionate and mysterious sign of the zodiac are represented by the scorpion. Scorpios have basically prepared for this their entire lives. They'd constantly have to go on rescue missions to save people who get themselves into sticky situations. (*cough* Aries *cough*)

9. Sagittarius

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Humor and optimism are two values that every Sagittarius demonstrate. These fire signs travel the most and would be great nomads. Unfortunately, they're also the idiots that get people killed the most often. Fire signs, amirite?

10. Capricorn

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The hard-working goat sign that can kill a person just as easily as they’d kill a zombie, Capricorns are lone-wolf types. Anyone that's not them is incompetent in their eyes. Don’t look at them the wrong way. Trust us.

11. Aquarius

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Aquarius individuals value community and humanity. Still, they'd probably lose their minds and start to name all the zombies or come up with weird games to pass the time. They'd also question the authority of the group on multiple occasions causing some unrest. Typical.

12. Pisces

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This intuitive water sign carries a lot of baggage. Even if there aren't any zombies around, they'll cry the whole time. They might come up with a lot of good ideas, but people don't take them super seriously in stressful situations. Water signs really be living like this, huh?

13. And last and definitely least, Ophiuchus

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The sign everyone wants dead. They'd get sent out for supplies, and everyone would ditch them. Seriously, why did they add this sign to the list? Even though it only affects those born after 2016, it messes up all the alignments!

How would you react in a zombie apocalypse?

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