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    33 Signs You Are Jess Day From "New Girl"

    Some of us just like cupcakes and being weird.

    1. Female grooming just straight up confuses you. If I can FLAT iron my hair why can't I just iron my hair?!

    2. This is you during your favorite show or movie. Or, let us be real, every time you watch that Sarah McLachlan commercial.

    3. You're still not really sure what makes a threesome so appealing and fun...

    4. You know what alcohol does to you and you accept it.

    5. You tend to be inappropriate during important moments.

    6. Sometimes your concept of feminism might get a little complicated.

    7. You tend to be straightforward, to your own detriment.

    8. Even the vaguest hint at food gets you all hot and bothered.

    9. You know being feminine doesn't make you weak.

    10. You feel like you shouldn't be allowed in public sometimes.

    11. You have zero problems with amusing yourself.

    12. Your face gives away, like, literally everything.

    13. You think analysis would be a good idea because you've been watching too much Woody Allen. Or because you're a mess...

    14. You get a little too existential when drunk.

    15. Sometimes you just need a good one woman pep talk.

    16. When pushed, you can be quite philosophical.

    17. You have absolutely no idea what to do in the presence of someone you find attractive.

    18. You're a loner Dottie, a rebel.

    19. Sometimes you just feel too goddamn much.

    20. You probably shouldn't be brought to important, fancy functions.

    21. You call people on their shit.

    22. You're not afraid to utilize some 90's girl power to your advantage.

    23. You are constitutionally incapable of turning 'you' off.

    24. I mean, do I even need to preface this?

    25. You've become skilled at rationalizing questionable life choices.

    26. Sometimes you overreact a little...

    27. You call your best friend mid-hangover.

    28. You've recently had a Friday that could only be described in this fashion.

    29. You step up to the plate when needed, even if it's embarrassing.

    30. You're not afraid to get political. WATCH OUT HILLARY.

    31. You might not have the best taste in men...

    32. You're the friend that drops heart warming truth bombs.

    33. Except you've never been kissed like this and that's depressingly unfair.