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    22 Signs You Are Addicted To Candy

    You're an adult and you can eat whatever you please.

    1. You offer up prayers to Haribo.

    2. You don't care how suggestive it looks, you will rock a lollipop when you feel like it!

    3. When your friend talks about her engagement ring and refers to it as her 'bling,' this is all you can think of:

    4. It's not Halloween that you look forward to, but rather the post-Halloween candy sales.

    5. You get excited at the end of a meal when offered mints.

    6. You're still really mesmerized by Pop Rocks.

    7. You've eaten so much gummy candy on an empty stomach that you thought you'd throw up.

    8. You've definitely made vodka soaked gummy bears...

    9. You are, in no way, to be trusted in the bulk candy section of a supermarket.

    10. Stressed? It's cool, you have a bag of Warheads in your car.

    11. You're super excited that almost every brand of candy has decided to make a gummy version.

    12. You have all the exciting seasonal candy memorized and you look forward to it every year.

    13. You are only willing to celebrate Valentine's Day if delicious treats are included.

    14. You know certain candy sucks but you buy it and eat it anyway because YOLO. (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, LINDA'S LOLLIES)

    15. You get really excited when you see Chupa Chups, but long for the days when they made Spice Girls ones.

    16. Who needs diamonds when you've got these bad boys...

    17. You don't care that they're overpriced and unnecessary, every time you see one of these you get jealous.

    18. Jelly Belly? Shut up.


    20. You're pretty sure you found god when you found these.

    21. A part of you wanted to hate this place but you just could never.

    22. You view frozen yogurt as a vessel to convey mochi.