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    18 Times Wednesday Addams Was The Hero Young Girls Needed

    Some of us needed more than Disney princesses.

    1. Just Wednesday keeping you on your toes. You have no idea what that Duane Reade cashier does in his spare time.

    2. Wed has the right idea when it comes to relationships.

    3. She's one step ahead of the basics.

    4. Wednesday has her own set of priorities.

    5. She's quite the sartorial rebel.

    6. Every young girl could benefit from mastering the art of reading.

    7. Wednesday gets the TRUE meaning of holidays.

    8. She's a girl with a plan.

    9. Girl knows how to NEGOTIATE.

    10. But that's why we love you, Wednesday!

    11. Meme related evidence that Wednesday will always be relevant.

    12. She is not the kind of girl one should underestimate.

    13. She's all about issuing a fair warning.

    14. Wed knows what she's capable of. I mean, if you're going to be bad at least don't go to prison for it.

    15. Wednesday is not one to beat around the bush.

    16. You do not simply mess with Wednesday Addams.

    17. Just imagine what a great parent she would be!

    18. She's truly unforgettable.