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    31 Things From Walmart That’ll Make Your Kitchen Feel New Without An Actual Renovation

    Consider these the secrets HGTV won't tell you about.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A 10-piece set of clear organization bins so you can keep the things you use the most close at hand while wrangling all those random items that end up shoved in the back of a drawer, or worse...scattered around your countertops. A clean, organized kitchen will feel like a new kitchen!

    10 piece set of plastic clear bins

    2. Or, a bamboo drawer organizer that'll turn your junk or gadget drawer into ~organized chaos~. It's got five compartments for everything from spatulas to buttons to measuring spoons to those rubber bands you seem to find all over the kitchen but have no idea where they came from.

    the drawer organizer

    3. A trio of wire baskets that will look classier than the cardboard boxes you currently use. Use them to hold kitchen linens, snacks, or anything else that needs to live somewhere other than your counters or floors.

    the metal wire basket

    4. A wall-mounted wine rack for creating a wine cellar without *actually* building one. This rack is key for saving space and putting your collection on display. The sets are available to fit nine, 12, or 24 bottles displayed side by side to save room and jazz up your decor. Cheers!

    the wine rack installed on a wall with bottles of wine on it

    5. A set of wire cupboard organizers because cabinet space doesn't grow on trees, and you need to make the most of every 👏 last 👏 inch 👏 without plowing down a wall. Think how much more you can shove in your cabinets with these in tow!

    the wire baskets in a kitchen cabinet

    6. A set of hanging wall baskets to add some intrigue to your kitchen and take advantage of any empty wall space that's begging to be used for storage. Get that fruit basket off the valuable countertop for good, and keep your fruits and veggies organized!

    2 gray wire hanging baskets

    7. A roll of peel-and-stick wallpaper because it requires minimum effort for maximum impact. Put it in the pantry, in your breakfast nook, or anywhere that'll distract people from the sink full of dirty dishes that are "soaking" until further notice.

    the beige wallpaper

    8. A counter dining set with storage if your kitchen is missing a place to dine and you're in desperate need of more storage space for the things you use daily.

    the white counter height dining table and two white chairs

    9. A wood china cabinet that'll do two jobs at the same time. First, it'll give you boatloads of storage space to hold all those kitchen gadgets you keep collecting. Second, it'll look good while doing it. Who needs to knock down walls for built-ins when you can add extra storage the easy way?

    the hutch

    10. A pair of extendable under-cabinet strip lights so you never have to fumble for a light switch in the middle of the night when all you want is a glass of milk and two (or 10) Oreos. The best part? You won't need an electrician to install these plug-in strips.

    the light strips in a kitchen

    11. A set of new cabinet bar pulls that'll make even the most outdated kitchen cupboards look new. All new cabinets are expensive. This hardware? Not so much.

    the pulls

    12. A new faucet so *polished* people will think you got it flown in from France. Plus, it's got a pull down function to make washing the dishes so much easier.

    the gold faucet

    13. A microwave storage cart for anybody who's tired of appliances cluttering up their precious counter space. This has room for your microwave and anything else that's taking up the space you need to meal prep.

    the white cabinet

    14. A farmhouse double-bowl kitchen sink because it's a step up from the builder-grade one that your home likely came with. Plus, it's roomy enough to wash even your largest cookie sheet without getting water EVERYWHERE.

    the farmhouse sink

    15. A pendant light to illuminate your kitchen in a new way. Sometimes, the smallest changes can have the biggest effect. It's got just the right burst of light you need to fall in love with your kitchen all over again.

    Glass and brass globes

    16. A set of peel-and-stick floor tiles because it looks like the real thing, costs a fraction of the price, and doesn't require a team of strangers to install it in your home.

    the black and white floor tile in an entryway

    17. A mother-of-pearl tile backsplash because it'll make it easier to clean up anything that splatters. Plus, the pearly sheen will transform your kitchen into a swanky Grecian getaway.

    18. A roll of marble-printed shelf-liner that'll make people think you splurged on Italian marble. Use it to cover pantry shelves, countertops, or anything else you'd like to disguise.

    the marble paper

    19. A set of adhesive wood plank vinyl flooring to give you the look of real wood floors even if you don't have the energy or funds to invest in them. These are waterproof and easy to clean and will stand up to the everyday traffic your kitchen gets.

    the tiles in a kitchen

    20. A rolling kitchen cart so you can have the perks of a kitchen island (storage, counter space, etc.) without having to worry about it messing up your kitchen flow. This thing has casters so you can roll it anywhere you need to.

    the white kitchen island

    21. A pair of velvet bar stools for you to sit on when you need a good cry, so you decide to chop onions to help the tears flow.

    the barstools in a kitchen

    22. A gallon of flat-finish paint because nothing will have a bigger effect on your kitchen than a fresh coat of bright, white paint.

    the white paint in a kitchen

    23. Or, some trendy green paint and primer if you want to shake things up. There's a reason this color was chosen as Better Homes and Gardens' 2023 color of the year, and it's because it's just the right amount of punch without being overpowering.

    the green paint in a living room

    24. A breakfast nook that seats five because it'll make your kitchen feel like a bistro with no woodworking required. And if that's not compelling enough, the benches open up to give you extra storage!

    25. Or, a drop leaf kitchen table with two chairs if you're looking for something more compact. Sometimes, adding a piece of furniture can make a space feel totally new.

    the table and chairs

    26. A kitchen conversion wall plaque so you'll never have to do fast math next time you're whipping up a recipe from your favorite food blogger.

    27. A Dutch oven to leave out on your stove and act as a colorful accessory when you're not making a batch of butternut squash soup. If you're craving a renovation, sometimes a few new accessories can help scratch that itch.

    the navy blue Dutch oven with squash inside

    28. A stand mixer because it's gorg and a fraction of the price of a KitchenAid. You'll never want to tuck this thing away.

    gray stand mixer

    29. An ombre glassware set to restyle your open shelving with. For the price of a fancy pizza, you get a set of beautiful glasses you'll love to look at as much as you love to drink from.

    the blue glass

    30. A fresh set of bamboo Roman blinds to give your bare windows an upgrade. These light-filtering shades come in a variety of sizes to fit your window and look way more expensive than they actually are.

    window shades

    31. Finally, a washable area rug that'll totally change the vibe of the kitchen and complement your existing decor. Worried about it getting dirty while you're whipping up your favorite cuisine? Don't be! You can just toss it in the washing machine.

    the rug

    What you WON'T be doing in your kitchen any time soon:

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