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    25 Products From Amazon That Pug Owners Swear By

    Just a ton of treats and toys that your pug will truly love.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Nose butter that'll soothe your pug's dry snoot for maximum boop-ability.,

    Promising review: "Our vet told us our pug would need surgery in order to get rid of the crust that was growing on her nose. Never owning a pug before I believed him and began saving up for the expensive surgery. After doing a little research I stumbled upon stories about pugs and dry noses. More research led to nose butter and the various brands. I took a chance and purchased this one. In only 1 month this was the before and after! My pugs nose is completely healed WITHOUT surgery! I also sent this my vet to show that surgery was not needed. My poor dog was suffering while I was trying to save for this expensive unnecessary surgery that my vet told me was needed all while I just could have purchased this inexpensive product and had her nose healed in a month. Give it a try I promise it works! I swear by it! We are even trying the paw butter!" —Savannah Salas

    Price: $12 (available in 10 sizes and unscented)

    2. A rolling pet hair remover so good, it'll even pick pug hair out of couches, beds, blankets and more. Just roll this gently back and forth over surfaces to pick up pet hair.

    reviewer photo of hand holding clump of fur next to the white hair remover

    Promising review: "Works better than anything (including vacuuming) to remove pug fur that needles its way into our brown velvety couch. No more breaking my back! So easy to use." —Lori Alba

    Price: $24.95

    3. Lavender-scented poop bags for when you need to pick up after your pug.


    This set includes eight packs, which equals 120 bags.

    Promising review: "I've used these poop bags for years. We have a pug and have fostered pugs. It's the only brand we use." —Rachel Pinto

    Price: $6.99+ (available in two quantities)

    4. Pet odor and stain remover for pets to clean up after your pug. This cleaner helps get rid of stains, odors and residue left behind accidents your pet may have around the house. It's safe to use around pets and children.

    Promising review: "My pug began to have 'favorite' sneaky tinkle spots... nothing I tried seemed to mask the scent and keep the scent gone as well as clean. She hasn't 'sneaky tinkled' anywhere since using this product. Pleasant scent as well. Will re-order." —Lulu

    Price: $19.97

    5. A Barkbox two-in-one toy that'll stand up to even the most destructive doggos. After your pup is tired of playing with the outer pineapple, they'll find a smaller one inside of it for even more play time.

    two pineapple plush toys with funny faces

    Promising review: "This immediately became one of my pug's favorites. He can be a destructive little beast and loves to eviscerate his toys but has hardly made a dent in this one despite his best efforts." —John D

    Price: $10.99 (available in two sizes and three styles)

    6. Wrinkle paste to keep your pug's wrinkles feeling itch-free and cute as can be. Use this paste for tear stains and tail pockets, too.

    Promising review: "I got this for our pug, Pinky, who has had the nastiest stink coming from her wrinkle since we adopted her eight months ago. We have bathed, used medicated wipes and honestly, nothing lasted for more than 12 hours and then the stink was back. I work at a veterinary office so I tried pretty much every appropriate option. I saw this product while browsing and thought the name was cute and then I saw the great reviews and thought maybe we should try it out. This stuff is a miracle! I have applied a small amount daily to her face folds and the stank is gone. She also appreciates that the product is not scented. I am so happy!" —jeff cohn

    Price: $20.43

    7. Glad for Pets carbon training pads that'll absorb moisture from accidents and eliminate odor while you work on house training your smush-faced cutie. Use these in your pug's crate or around the house.

    Includes 100 training pads.

    Promising review: Great absorption, easy cleanup. For some reason, the dogs tend to use this brand much more reliably than any other puppy pads. I have two pugs and these pads can hold a lot of liquid before leaking." —Timothy L. Dalley

    Price: $17.95 (available in 11 quantities and four sizes)

    8. Milk-Bone beef-flavored dog treats made with real bone marrow so good, even the pickiest pugs will enjoy them.

    reviewer photo of the Milk Bone jar

    Promising review: "Perfect size for my pug, and he loves these little treats!" —Megan M

    Price: $8.83 (available in 7 sizes and bacon)

    9. A medicated shampoo to help sooth your pug's itchy skin and get them squeaky clean. This shampoo will help get rid of rashes, greasy skin, or bacterial infections on your dog's skin.

    reviewer photo of day 1, day 6, and day 10 showing dogs bumps gradually decreasing

    Promising review: "I bought this shampoo after my pug began having very itchy skin out of nowhere. His diet had not changed and he had not gotten into anything that would have caused a skin irritation. After our older dog passed away, he started having these itchy spots a few weeks later so it may be stressed related, if that's even possible! He seemed to be miserable so I found this and decided to try it instead of spending a bunch of money at the vet's office. After two washes, his itchy spots were gone. It's now four months later and the itchy spots have not returned. I'm so glad I tried this product before going to the vet. It's great and it really works." —Allie S.

    Price: $8.99 (available in two sizes)

    10. Greenies treats for when your pug's breath needs to be freshened up. Just give them a Greenie to chew on and they'll have fresh breath and clean teeth by the time they finish it.

    reviewer photo of the Greenie's dental treats

    Promising review: "My dog (Wilma, a pug) gets one of these every time she gets in her crate. She LOVES them and it has encouraged her to run in her crate anytime she sees/hears us in shoes! My new puppy did not care for them at first, but has since come around and followed in her sister's footsteps and runs into her crate to get one. It also makes me feel good knowing they are sort of cleaning their teeth too :)" —Kallie Schmitt

    Price: $27+ (available in eight quantities)

    11. A super quiet professional nail grinder to use when it starts sounding like your pug is tap dancing on the floor with their long nails. This one has two speeds and three ports so it'll work on any size dog.,

    Promising review: "I have three pugs with varying degrees of drama when it comes to nail-trimming. The stay at home order had me faced with trimming nails by myself. I decided to try a grinder. The research led me to this one. Not too loud. Easy to handle and clean. Strong enough motor. I started out slow and would just do no longer than five seconds of pressure on the grinder at a time. We are finally getting a routine down and I doubt I’ll take them to the vet for nail trimming again. The grinding also leaves the nail smoother than a clip. Saving money and now that the nail is the correct length I just need to maintain the nail. A really great purchase." Diana G

    Price: $39.99

    12. A life jacket for when your pug decides to go for a dip. It's waterproof and has a neck float to make sure your furry friend keeps their head above water when swimming.,

    Promising review: "This life vest is great..probably one of the most awesome things I’ve ever purchased on amazon. I was hesitant about it fitting my 19 lb and 25 lb pugs but it’s very easy to adjust and very simple to put on. The chin rest is the best part- neither of them had been swimming before and neither of them had too much trouble. The handles on the back make it very easy to put them into and out of the water as well as guide them as they swim." —dana

    Price: $16.99+ (available in sizes XS-XL)

    13. An adjustable gate to keep your pug from going where they shouldn't. Just use this gate to block off the areas of your home where you don't them to venture!

    It comes with a gate, 6-inch extension kit, four-pack pressure mount kit, four wall cups, and a mounting kit.

    Promising review: "I bought three of these gates and they are perfect for keeping my pug on the balcony, out of the kitchen, and out of my mom's room. It is very sturdy, easy to install, and easy to open. I wish the door went both ways and had a larger opening but the low price makes up for the small inconvenience. I definitely recommend for pets." —Arya

    Price: $34.99

    14. A maximum strength joint supplement in chewable tablet form, because it'll help your pug get their groove back.

    reviewer photo of hand holding the tablets

    Each bottle has 132 supplements.

    Promising review: "I've had my 8-year-old pug on this brand for about five months now, what with her beginning to show a few warning signs for arthritis setting in, and I can absolutely say she's done terrific with them. She's nimble, capable of leaping up and down places I'd prefer she NOT (sometimes she gets so excited, she forgets to use her stairs), and has always loved the flavor. And to date, she's certainly suffered no ill side effects." —Misha

    Price: $34.95 (available in three quantities)

    15. Blue Buffalo dog food that'll give your dog all the proteins and carbs (it's a chicken and brown rice recipe!) they need to keep up their energy.

    reviewer photo of pug next to the bag of food

    It comes in a 30 pound bag.

    Promising review: "I decided to do a taste test with my dog. I put a little bit of her Iams dog food on one plate and then on another plate I put Blue Buffalo food, which she had never tried before She sat about 3 feet away waiting for my signal. When I told her it was OK to move, she first sniffed the Iams food, and then sniffed the Blue Buffalo dog food. She proceeded to eat the Blue Buffalo dog food first. This indicates a clear preference for Blue Buffalo. So we are now switching to a better quality premium dog food. It costs more, but our dog is family. If you compare the ingredients, you’ll see that blue Buffalo definitely has the higher quality ingredients so it is worth it and so is our pug!" —News2you

    Price: $44.99 (available in three sizes and five flavors)

    16. Greenies Pill Pockets for when you need to trick your pug into taking their medication. Simply pop a pill into the pocket, squeeze it to seal, and that's it!

    reviewer photo of the Greenies pill pockets

    Promising review: "These are a lifesaver. My pug has figured out how to remove pills from peanut butter, bacon, yogurt, wet dog food, and other treats. But she hasn’t figured this one out. She seems to like the flavor a lot too, and it can hold a lot of pills, which is nice, because my dog takes about four or five twice a day, so I don’t have to worry about fattening her up with treats. They’re easy to mold, too, I have put CBD oil in it and pinched it closed for my dog to eat, and it doesn’t leak out." —Morgan

    Price: $14.98 (available in three quantities)

    17. Wellness puppy training treats flavored with lamb and salmon to help get your pug trained in no time.,

    Promising review: "My pug puppy loves them. Thanks to the bite size and softness, I can break into smaller pieces for training purposes. My pug Rex has been able to use the pad for potty training because he knows he will get a small treat." —D V M

    Price: $4.04 (available in five sizes and in chicken and carrots)

    18. Zesty Paws allergy immune supplement to help if your poor little pug has itchy skin, hot spots, or seasonal allergies. Give them one of these daily to support their immune and digestive issues.

    reviewer before photo of pug with redness and an after photo of pug foot with no redness

    One jar includes 90 supplements.

    Promising review: "My pug was chewing his foot up until we found these bites. The bottom pic is the before and you can see from the after how much better his paw looks. I would recommend to help your pup fight itchy feet!" —olivia

    Price: $25.96

    19. A reflective harness that'll stop your pug from pulling the next time you go on a walk.,

    Promising review: "Great fit and looks great on my pug. My pug tends to pull and tries to escape when we go for our walks. I needed to find a harness that would protect him on our walks and not allow him to escape. This harness has been a lifesaver and he can no longer escape his harness. Love it!" —Amazon customer

    Price: $17.88 (available in sizes XS-2XL and 19 colors)

    20. An ear cleaning solution because it'll get rid of any gunk in your dog's ear. Just pour it into their ear, massage it in, and wipe away any excess. They'll start feeling better after a week or so.

    reviewer before photo labeled "May 8" with irritated dog ear and the same ear labeled "May 17th" with less irritation

    Promising review: "I live in south Florida. It's hot and humid. My golden doodle and pug constantly had black goop in their ears. They were red and irritated. I used many different products without any change. I used this three times on them and have NO problems since. I will always have this on hand!" —isabella vida

    Price: $21.99 (available in two sizes)

    21. A set of no-stuffing squeaky toys that'll make your pug's day better. Instead of having to chase animals outside, they can just pounce on these around the house.

    reviewer photo of plush raccoon, fox, and squirrel

    It comes with plush fox, raccoon, and squirrel toys.

    Promising review: "My pug and Boston terrier love these so much! This type of toy is their favorites. They chew on them and they haven't fallen apart either! The price is great as well in comparison to what you get from the pet stores!" —Olivia

    Price: $9.99

    22. An Arm & Hammer Pooper Scooper with scented bags so you can keep your yard clean, tidy, and free of any pet waste without throwing your back out in the process.,

    It comes with a swivel bin, rake, and bags.

    Promising review: "Works great! I am 6-foot-3 and it is just the right length that doesn't require much bending over. The handles are made of screw together pieces so you can swap out the parts of the handles to make one longer. If you are really tall you could purchase two and combine the parts of the handles to make an extra long one. It's easy to attach grocery bags and the rake teeth are close enough to easily push poop into the bag. I have a pug and her poop is small so the rake works well. I was able to clean my yard within a few minutes. Great product." —Rick

    Price: $17.95

    23. A bag of Iams dog food to keep your pup looking and feeling young, even as they age. They'll gobble up this tasty chicken-flavored dry food.

    the green bag of Iams dog food

    Promising review: "My pug eats a half-cup for breakfast and a half-cup for dinner. She has been on Iams since she was 7 months old. She's 5 now. Her weight is perfect. Teeth look great and our vet is very happy with her overall." —K.C. Long

    Price: $31.64 (available in two sizes)

    24. A water fountain for your furry friend that'll keep them entertained and hydrated.

    reviewer photo of the gray water fountain

    It comes with a water dispenser, three replacement filters, and a silicone mat.

    Promising review: "My older pug and older cat were not drinking enough water. Both are drinking out of this several times a day and love it!" —Amazon Customer

    Price: $27.99

    25. A raincoat to keep your good boy or girl dry when summer showers strike.,

    Promising review: "Fits my 7-year-old pug well. He hates water and refuses to walk when it rains. Once the coat is on him, he doesn't mind the walk." —Brainy Gypsie

    Price: $9.99+ (available in sizes S-XL and 21 colors)

    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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