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    25 Products From Amazon That Pug Owners Swear By

    Just a ton of treats and toys that your pug will truly love.

    1. Nose butter that'll soothe your pug's dry snoot for maximum boop-ability.

    2. A rolling pet hair remover so good, it'll even pick pug hair out of couches, beds, blankets and more. Just roll this gently back and forth over surfaces to pick up pet hair.

    reviewer photo of hand holding clump of fur next to the white hair remover

    3. Lavender-scented poop bags for when you need to pick up after your pug.

    4. Pet odor and stain remover for pets to clean up after your pug. This cleaner helps get rid of stains, odors and residue left behind accidents your pet may have around the house. It's safe to use around pets and children.

    5. A Barkbox two-in-one toy that'll stand up to even the most destructive doggos. After your pup is tired of playing with the outer pineapple, they'll find a smaller one inside of it for even more play time.

    two pineapple plush toys with funny faces

    6. Wrinkle paste to keep your pug's wrinkles feeling itch-free and cute as can be. Use this paste for tear stains and tail pockets, too.

    7. Glad for Pets carbon training pads that'll absorb moisture from accidents and eliminate odor while you work on house training your smush-faced cutie. Use these in your pug's crate or around the house.

    8. Milk-Bone beef-flavored dog treats made with real bone marrow so good, even the pickiest pugs will enjoy them.

    reviewer photo of the Milk Bone jar

    9. A medicated shampoo to help sooth your pug's itchy skin and get them squeaky clean. This shampoo will help get rid of rashes, greasy skin, or bacterial infections on your dog's skin.

    reviewer photo of day 1, day 6, and day 10 showing dogs bumps gradually decreasing

    10. Greenies treats for when your pug's breath needs to be freshened up. Just give them a Greenie to chew on and they'll have fresh breath and clean teeth by the time they finish it.

    reviewer photo of the Greenie's dental treats

    11. A super quiet professional nail grinder to use when it starts sounding like your pug is tap dancing on the floor with their long nails. This one has two speeds and three ports so it'll work on any size dog.

    12. A life jacket for when your pug decides to go for a dip. It's waterproof and has a neck float to make sure your furry friend keeps their head above water when swimming.

    13. An adjustable gate to keep your pug from going where they shouldn't. Just use this gate to block off the areas of your home where you don't them to venture!

    14. A maximum strength joint supplement in chewable tablet form, because it'll help your pug get their groove back.

    reviewer photo of hand holding the tablets

    15. Blue Buffalo dog food that'll give your dog all the proteins and carbs (it's a chicken and brown rice recipe!) they need to keep up their energy.

    reviewer photo of pug next to the bag of food

    16. Greenies Pill Pockets for when you need to trick your pug into taking their medication. Simply pop a pill into the pocket, squeeze it to seal, and that's it!

    reviewer photo of the Greenies pill pockets

    17. Wellness puppy training treats flavored with lamb and salmon to help get your pug trained in no time.

    18. Zesty Paws allergy immune supplement to help if your poor little pug has itchy skin, hot spots, or seasonal allergies. Give them one of these daily to support their immune and digestive issues.

    reviewer before photo of pug with redness and an after photo of pug foot with no redness

    19. A reflective harness that'll stop your pug from pulling the next time you go on a walk.

    20. An ear cleaning solution because it'll get rid of any gunk in your dog's ear. Just pour it into their ear, massage it in, and wipe away any excess. They'll start feeling better after a week or so.

    reviewer before photo labeled "May 8" with irritated dog ear and the same ear labeled "May 17th" with less irritation

    21. A set of no-stuffing squeaky toys that'll make your pug's day better. Instead of having to chase animals outside, they can just pounce on these around the house.

    reviewer photo of plush raccoon, fox, and squirrel

    22. An Arm & Hammer Pooper Scooper with scented bags so you can keep your yard clean, tidy, and free of any pet waste without throwing your back out in the process.

    23. A bag of Iams dog food to keep your pup looking and feeling young, even as they age. They'll gobble up this tasty chicken-flavored dry food.

    the green bag of Iams dog food

    24. A water fountain for your furry friend that'll keep them entertained and hydrated.

    reviewer photo of the gray water fountain

    25. A raincoat to keep your good boy or girl dry when summer showers strike.

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