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    31 Pieces Of Furniture From Target With Such Good Reviews, You’ll Want To Test Them Yourself

    No matter what room you're furnishing, check out these reviewer-loved picks.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A clean-line, five-shelf bookshelf, so you can finally house all the books and decor you currently have sitting in storage. This narrow, 6-foot bookshelf is ideal for those living in shoebox-sized apartments, since it doesn't take up much square footage.

    Brown bookshelf with five shelves

    2. A modern accent table that can act as an end table, a night stand, or even a decor base. The opportunities with this are endless, and luckily, they come in color that'll suit every room in your home.

    Black side table

    3. A wooden armchair that is as cozy and inviting as a flannel shirt. Consider this chair if you are looking to spruce up that empty corner in your rustic living room.

    a grey upholstered arm chair with wooden arms and legs

    4. A blue velvet swivel armchair, because how is a chic interior complete without a little bit of velvet? This chair will work great in your reading nook, or at your desk, too, since it swivels.

    a blue velvet armchair that swivels, with brass legs.

    5. An accent cabinet that is the perfect storage solution for your gorgeous collection of leather-bound novels. This cabinet provides you with the chance to show off the things you love, while protecting them from humidity and dust.

    a brown accent cabinet with two shelves inside and glass doors

    6. An upholstered storage bench to replace the current coffee table you have. The greatest thing about having an ottoman act as a coffee table is this: it has all the storage space of a coffee table, but can also serve as seating, or just a great place to kick your feet up while you watch Netflix.

    7. A rolling kitchen cart that provides a perfect solution to dozens of kitchen problems, from "I don't have enough space to chop these veggies" to "where should I put all these muffin pans??"

    a grey kitchen cart with two wheels and two legs, with two drawers, one glass door with two shelves inside, and two shelves unprotected by a door

    8. An antique-inspired black metal bed frame to provide you with ample support throughout the night, while also helping you live out your Edwardian interior design dreams.

    an antique-style black metal bed frame supporting a mattress, pillows, and blankets in a bedroom

    9. A six-cube organizer shelf that will quickly become the new hot spot to display all your favorite novels, records, and board games.

    a white shelf with two rows of three 13-inch cubes, resulting in six cubes

    10. A mid-century-style coffee table with drawers so that you can have both a statement piece that will wow any guest, and a convenient place to store extra remotes and magazines.

    a tan wooden coffee table with two white drawers and four tan legs

    11. A wooden writing desk with antique-meets-modern styling that will become the place where you can ~enjoy~ all your back-to-back (to-back-to-back-to-back) Zoom meetings. Plus, you won't have to worry about clutter gathering, since this desk has not one, not two, but three drawers!

    a brown wooden writing desk with three drawers

    12. An industrial farmhouse console table that is the perfect spot for holding keys and wallets in any entryway. If the thought of adding furniture to your entryway scares you, then no worries! This console is perfect for displaying photos and sculptures behind your couch, too.

    a grey-beige thin console table with black metal hardware, holding decor on its top shelf with an empty bottom shelf

    13. A vertical white dresser with five pullout drawers and plenty of storage space. This piece is durable and is both the perfect spot to place your decorative items and a great place to store all your T-shirts.

    The vertical white dresser has three long rectangular shelves and two smaller rectangular ones at the top

    14. A vanity set fit for royalty. The walnut finish and flip-top mirror will add that extra oomph you've been looking for, and make it easier to get ready in the morning.

    The rich brown vanity with silver handles has a white velvet stool and a flip top mirror

    15. A brown console table with X-frame sides that fits perfectly in any room in your home. The two shelves make it easy to show off art, books, plants or photos.

    Console table with two shelves and two drawers

    16. A scalloped cabinet that'll be a stylish way to store all your extra clutter. The walnut finish is a stunning addition to your existing decor, but it will make your space feel much more lavish.

    The cabinet with two doors

    17. A fabric recliner club chair that'll be your new favorite reading spot. The beautifully upholstered chair with solid birch legs is durable and comfortable. You'll love how homey it'll make your space feel.

    Beige recliner

    18. A decorative cabinet with glass-paned doors and storage shelves, because whether you are looking to house extra linens, display fine china, or provide a space for your maximalist beauty collection, investing in cute storage is never a bad idea.

    Dark blue cabinet with three shelves and two compartments

    19. A colorful flower-shaped vanity stool to bring some color and whimsy to your otherwise all-white minimalist decor. Just imagine all the compliments this will bring in!

    Orange stool in a home office

    20. A mid-century settee bench that'll look perfect at the foot of your bed, in your entryway, or as bonus seating in your living room. Wherever you put it, you won't regret this buy.

    Gray settee in a home

    21. A simple low-back upholstered barstool because there could always be more kitchen seating. Elevate your counter space with these sleek barstools, complete with a curved back for comfort, foot rests, and a padded seat.

    A set of black barstools at a side counter

    22. A tufted headboard to make your bedroom seem more extravagant — for those of us who are balling on a budget, this a great investment to create some bedroom style.

    23. A cushy, wheeled swivel chair, because your desk chair deserves to look as cool as you are, you stylish person, you. This one is height-adjustable, too, so no matter how long or short your legs are, you'll be able to work in comfort.

    The chair in the color Gray

    24. A vintage-inspired wooden three-drawer chest capable of holding up to 50 pounds. The natural wood design and beautiful details make this a unique find that's sure to add a hint of retro charm to your bedroom.

    A light brown dresser with gold handles and detailing in a gray room

    25. A woven hamper with its own lining bag, so laundry day will be easy-peasy (instead of requiring you to claw all your socks out of a deep hamper crevice). Plus, it'll look surprisingly chic in the corner.

    The brown woven hamper with its own lining inside

    26. A leaning ladder shelf, because industrial chic is one ~lewk~ that'll never go out of style. Six feet tall and with five open shelves, it's got plenty of space for knickknacks, books, and other objet d'arts – but thanks to it's wall-hugging silhouette, it's also streamlined and sleek. Heck yes.

    The shelf unit in the color Vintage Oak

    27. A round dining table that'll easily seat you and your three best friends for brunch. While this table is simple, its trestle base and clean-line look ensure that it's anything but boring.

    Black dining room table

    28. A pair of woven back chairs so simple and stylish, even Ron Swanson would approve. The faux-leather weave will add some texture to your dining set up, while providing comfort during every meal.

    Chairs with black metal frame and brown leather seat and back

    29. A two-seater sofa for when you want to cozy up and binge-watch your favorite show. It's got a classic look that'll go with all those throw pillows you already own... though I wouldn't blame you for buying more.

    30. A file cabinet to store all those pesky papers that are too important to throw away but too unsightly to keep out on your desk.

    Black file cabinet with three drawers

    31. A over-the-toilet etagere that'll add storage space to your bathroom. No linen closet? No problem. Use it to display your tchotchkes or to hold your towels.

    Bronze over-the-toilet shelf

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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