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    25 Pet Products From Chewy That Don't Cost A Lot, But Will Be Used All The Time

    Items that will help you save money and keep your pets happy.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A wide 1-cup stainless steel cat bowl that isn't too deep, so Miss Meowykins will be protected from whisker fatigue each time she drinks or eats. Because this cat bowl is made from steel, it's also durable and easy to clean. Now, you'll have a cat bowl you can use for life! How meowtastic!

    2. A snuggly pet blanket, because if you have your very own cuddly blanket reserved for Saturday night binge-athons, maybe it's time to give one to your precious Yorkiepoo, too. And this blanket is also machine washable, so keeping it clean won't be an issue.

    a puppy with the blanket

    3. A jar of enriched fish flakes with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin C, so your gorgeous fantail goldie stays healthy and happy. Since these flakes won't leech the color from your tank, you also won't have to worry that your fish are swimming around in unclean water.

    A reviewer photo of the bottle of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin C-enriched fish flakes

    4. A pack of parakeet treats made with seed, corn, honey and other wholesome ingredients, for spoiling all your feathered friends. PS — you can also hang these treats inside the cage, so even if you're away, your birdies can snack away for hours.

    5. A small animal vitamin C supplement that will come in handy if your guinea pig, rabbit, or chinchilla buds could use the energy boost. This supplement also contains barley and oat grout flours, plus timothy grass and flaxseed meal, so your furry friends will also get their daily protein and fiber intake.

    A reviewer photo of a  guinea pig with a bag of small animal vitamin C supplement to prevent scurvy

    6. A pack of catnip mouse toys because if your cats seem bored with all their current goodies, these will definitely pique their interest. Plus, because these toys are soft and have a tail made of string, your kitty can chew them for hours. Now, you won't have to worry about chewed-up shoelaces again.

    A reviewer's image of a cat with toy mice containing catnip

    7. A roll of terrarium liner that fits a variety of habitats, so your gecko, snake, or bearded dragon always has some comfy carpeting inside their little pad. This liner is also nonabrasive and easy to clean, so all those icky odors are kept at bay.

    A reviewer's image of a leopard gecko inside a lined terrarium

    8. A 100% natural beef bone for delivering savory flavors directly to your dog's tastebuds. Because this bone has marrow inside of it that your dog can only reach by chewing, Mr. GoldenDoodle will never be plagued with boredom again.

    A reviewer's image of a dog chewing a six-inch 100 percent natural beef bone

    9. A bag of pond fish food filled with fish meal, corn, fish oil, wheat germ meal, and alfalfa meal ingredients, so all your koi kuties stay in good health. As this food is easy to digest, it won't cloud your tank water, either.

    10. A Kong squeaky dog toy that you can use for indoor and outdoor play, so you and your pup can play hide-and-seek and fetch till you're both out of breath. Because this toy is also tough and durable, it will last through all those bites and chews without getting totally destroyed in the process.

    A squeaky dog toy for indoor and outdoor play

    11. A bottle of aquarium water conditioner if you use tap water to fill your tank and want something that can reduce traces of chlorine, heavy metals, and chloramines from it. Aloe vera is also added to this conditioner, so all your finned friends' slime coats will stay healthy and protected from damage.

    A reviewer's image of a turtle and a goldfish inside a tank treated with aquarium water conditioner

    12. A litter scooper with a caddy that clips on to the side of your cat's litter box, so the task of cleaning is a piece of cake.

    13. A flying trapeze toy to keep your parakeets, cockatiels, and lovebirds swinging away to their heart's content. Because this toy has a seagrass mat, colorful chains, beads, and links, it's the perfect toy to help your birds relieve stress and get their daily exercise in.

    A reviewer's image of a bird sitting on top of a flying trapeze toy

    14. A small animal hideout that rabbits, guinea pigs, and chinchillas can use for burrowing or nesting, so your small animals have a safe spot of their own. As this hideout has a spacious top, one of your piggies can lounge on the top while the other is inside the trunk — so wave goodbye to fights over space!

    15. A suspended hammock so your bearded beauty can lounge out like royalty. Since mounting this hammock onto your tank is easy, you can remove it and reattach it each time it's time to give your scaly baby's terrarium a deep clean.

    A reviewer's image of a bearded dragon sitting on a suspended hammock

    16. A tented pet bed that will fit puppies, bigger cats, and other smaller pets perfectly. Now the whole gang can have a hangout spot to snuggle and cuddle together!

    A tent covered cat and dog bed in a beige color

    17. A package of small animal chew treats made with corn and rice, because if you have a stash of treats for all your other household pets, of course your bunnies, guinea pigs, and mice deserve some too. Because these treats promote clean and healthy teeth, they'll also help strengthen your fur baby's teeth with each bite.

    A reviewer's image of a guinea pig with small animal chew treats made of corn and rice

    18. A digital thermometer that can measure terrarium temperatures, so you can always make sure your turtle's tank has the perfect level of warmth. And because this thermometer comes with suction cups, it can stick easily onto your tank without falling off.

    19. A pet slicker brush for keeping your pooch's coat shiny and oh so purdy. As this brush is sensitive-skin safe, you won't have to worry about pulling or raking your dog's fur as you brush him.

    A reviewer's image of a golden doodle

    20. A pack of dog poop bags if the bags you are currently using always manage to leak and fall apart, even if you double bag them. The even better news is that while these bags are scented, they aren't too overpowering, so they won't set your nose off in a tizzy.

    a reviewer photo of the bag

    21. A dental water additive for cats that reduces plaque and tartar, improves gum health, and freshens breaths — so when your kitty covers your face with kisses in the morning, you won't smell like their stinky breath afterward. This additive also goes a long way — just 1 teaspoon is added to the water bowl.

    22. A pack of Bio-Bag filter cartridges so your tank stays free of harmful contaminants and odors. You'll also love that these cartridges also have a decent shelf life, so you won't have to change them often.

    23. A package of styptic-stop powder to stop bleeding and discomfort on the spot, so next time you clip your pet's nails too short, they won't even feel a thing.

    A bottle of safety powder to stop bleeding

    24. A bottle of small animal cage cleaner so you can nip pet accident stains in the bud before they even begin to set in. This cage cleaner spray is also nontoxic, so you won't have to worry about it harming your pets as you use it.

    25. A bag of terrarium sand that gives your tank a beach-like feel, so you can make your new hermit crabs feel like they're back in the ocean. This sand also won't foul your water — or change its water chemistry — so all your aquatic inhabitants stay safe.

    A reviewer's image of a fish tank with terrarium sand inside

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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