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    25 Bestselling Products From Lowe’s That Are Truly Worth Buying

    Tried and true products reviewers love.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A power tool combo kit for tackling indoor and outdoor home improvement projects — as in deck, furniture, or truck repair — like the seasoned HGTV expert you secretly are.

    An image of a power tool combo kit

    Kit includes one DCD777 20V MAX compact brushless drill/driver, one DCF787 20V MAX compact brushless 1/4-in impact driver, two 20V MAX Li-ion battery packs, one charger, and one kit bag. 

    Promising review: "Great toolset! Have used it to build barn wood doors, patio, shed, deck, etc. The battery has lasted for every project day in a row, and I use it constantly! Also, the impact has worked to build various things, hang shutters, change bumpers on my jeep. Love my new tools."—Psigman

    Price: $229.00

    2. A string of bistro lights that are 24 feet long, so you can turn your backyard into the fairy garden of your dreams.

    An image of 24-feet outdoor string lights

    Promising review: "I was torn between this string light and another one that was less expensive. However, after reading the reviews of the other strand (multiple comments of exploding bulbs) I chose this string, and I am glad I did! Each bulb has a reinforced eye-hole which makes them very easy to hook onto an eye-hook. The light is very warm and bright. I bought two strands to be safe, but one would have sufficed! Thankfully, the glass bulbs are in a separate box, so you can install the strand first and then put the bulbs in. I highly recommend this."—OutdoorPatioOwner

    Price: $34.98 

    3. A black electric smoker to smoke the toughest of meats (hello, ribs!) until they are juicy, tender, and fall off the bone. Yum.

    An image of a black electric smoker

    Promising review: "I hit the jackpot when I bought my Masterbuilt LLC 30-inch smoker. It is reliable, simple to use, and very versatile. I smoke ribs, chickens, pulled beef sandwiches, brisket, jalapeño poppers, and more, perfectly every time. When I couple it with my Masterbuilt Slow Smoker accessory, I smoke cheeses and nuts too. I find maple smoke for two hours gives nuts a slightly sweet smoky flavor. For smoking cheese, I usually use fruit woods like a combination of cherry and apple for three hours. You just cannot beat a Masterbuilt electric, digital, remote control smoker with a Slow Smoker accessory!" Juantuan

    Price: $249.00

    4. A quiet cordless electric lawnmower with a fast, rechargeable battery because there's nothing worse than a loud, fuming, gas-powered mower waking up the whole street.

    An image of a cordless electric lawnmower

    Promising review: "Very easy to get moving right out of the box! Purchased this mower a few weeks ago and put it to the test immediately. This is my first electric mower and I have to say I love it! Battery charging was quick, it had no trouble cutting five to six inch damp grass, and clean up after was easy." —ColinG

    Price: $649.00

    5. A resin planter pot that looks so much like real stone your friends will think you snatched it from a fancy estate sale.

    A teal resin planter

    Promising review: "Wow! This was way larger than I had estimated but in a good way. I ended up needing a larger pot to replant a palm that I had. This pot is not only strikingly beautiful, but durable, lightweight, and eye-catching. You will not find a better brand of planters at this price point. I love how they look like real stone but are actually resin, which makes them lightweight and affordable. You will not be disappointed. Great buy!" —af

    Price: $24.98 (available in three colors)

    6. A full-color smart light strip extension for adding some color to your seasonal decorations (especially Halloween), so your house is the spookiest one on the block.


    Promising review: "I got the GE Full-Color Smart Light Strip Extension. It adds a perfect length. It is so easy to attach. I will definitely be buying more of the lights and extensions. It adds such beautiful led lights to brighten up dull spots or to highlight an area. Will add a beautiful addition to my seasonal décor. I use mine with Alexa — she will change the colors, turn them off and on, and dim the lights. Definitely a must-have." —Basnyder

    Price: $24.98

    7. A window air conditioner — with two cooling and fan speeds — if you like your apartment to be as cold as a meat locker when it's 100 degrees outside.

    A 150-square feet window air conditioner

    Promising review: "If you’re anything like me, you probably love staying in hotel rooms for the simple reason that you can turn your room into a deep freezer and have the most immaculate sleep of your life under all the blankets. I was skeptical when I saw the size and price of this air conditioner unit but it really works! My bedroom now has that chilly hotel room feeling every night! (It’s also compact which makes it super adorable). If you’re on the fence about this purchase, go for it. You won’t be disappointed!" —Lauren

    Price: $159.00

    8. A solar-powered light-up cantilever patio umbrella with a base so you can keep summertime pool parties, barbecues, and family reunions going after dark.

    An image of an 11-foot patio umbrella with base

    Promising review: "This umbrella was a great addition to our patio. We filled the base sections with sand and added some water to help pack it in. The unit comes with built-in LED lights that are powered either by solar or plug-in. Thus far, the lights have runoff just the solar power with no need to plugin yet. The lights are great and they put out a good amount of light. I would recommend this unit." —Bryce

    Price: $448.00

    9. A manual defrost chest freezer to stop bags of frozen vegetables from falling on your head each time you want to grab some ice for your morning latte.

    A manual defrost chest freezer

    Promising review: "We placed ours in our garage! Within an hour of hooking it up, it was already cooled off. After two hours we placed our already frozen foods in it!" —byates

    Price: $549.00

    10. A modern pouf ottoman because while folding chairs are great for parties, sometimes it's a hassle to carry them all the way up from your basement.

    A modern khaki pouf ottoman

    Promising review: "What a pleasant surprise. For what this pouf costs I wasn't expecting much compared to other stores. But what a nice pouf! The crocheted fabric is great quality, the size is substantial, and its filling is solid enough to sit on but not too soft that it fails in its purpose as an ottoman. It was shipped with great care and great packaging and was easy to open. Glad I shopped around and found this and may buy another!" —justine f

    Price: $58.19

    11. A quiet cordless string trimmer which has a 2.5-hour battery life so you can trim all the stubborn weeds and grass your lawnmower can't seem to reach.

    An image of a cordless string trimmer

    Promising review: "Has amazing power, and string strength for my 3/4 acre property. It has taken care of all my tall weeds even around rocks. I finally had to change the string at the end of my cleanup project. Very satisfied with my purchase!" —Jamille

    Price: $229.00

    12. A plastic deck box that can store deck cushions and furniture so you can have less clutter and more room for your growing tomato plants.

    An image of a plastic desk box

    Promising review: "The deck box is sturdy and was easy to assemble. The directions were very clear and needed no additional high-end tools. It holds so much — two chaise lounge cushions, four connected seat and back cushions, a loveseat cushion, and two chair cushions. This will protect the cushions when they aren't in use." —Silver75

    Price: $169.00

    13. A set of neutral-toned patio stones because, of course, you'll want to make your backyard or patio a relaxing haven — whether it is tropical or zen-inspired.

    An image of gray patio stone pavers

    Promising review: "We fell in love with the color, and when matched with other paver sets at Lowe's, the results were remarkable. Everyone who comes over loves the path. Great price too." —Daniel

    Price: $1.88+ (available in four colors) 

    14. A five-tier steel utility shelf for when you only have so much pantry space in your apartment and need a place to store extra food.

    A five-tier steel utility shelf

    Promising review: "We have a very small kitchen and no food pantry. I bought two of these so I could put the shelves closer together. Built it in the closet closest to the kitchen. It is working great!" —Anonymous 

    Price: $84.88+ (available in two sizes) 

    15. A 10-drawer steel rolling tool cabinet to store everything from power tools, hammers and wrenches, to arts, crafts, and scrapbooking supplies.

    A 10-drawer steel rolling tool cabinet

    Promising review: "I love this toolbox. Well made and sturdy. Exactly what I was looking for and less expensive than other ones I looked at. Drawers close easily and fit perfectly in my garage. Big enough to handle all the tools I've accumulated over the years. And it's made in the USA which is a big part of why I bought it." —Scooter

    Price: $489.00

    16. An indoor-outdoor area rug, so you can add a splash of color to your patio or living room without having to commit to a full-sized rug.


    Promising review: "After I unwrapped my rug and spread it out on my patio, I was immediately impressed with the obvious quality and beautiful colors that made this rug stand out. When I looked closer I could see that there is thoughtful detail put into each pattern on the rug. The flowers on the rug are woven higher than the rug and seem to pop out as an extension of the pattern. I have received many compliments on the beauty of my new rug. I use the lowest setting on my cordless vacuum to clean it and remove outdoor debris." —amlamb

    Price: $201.07

    17. A steel citronella garden torch to keep away the mosquitos during all your summer evening activities — like stargazing, s'mores-making, barbecues, and pool parties.

    An image of a steel citronella garden torch

    Promising review: "We bought four of these to put around our deck for our daughter's graduation party. Not only did they keep away the bugs, but they also added that extra lighting we needed and looked beautiful at night. We love them and use them every night. We can enjoy our deck to the fullest." —Deann

    Price: $11.28 

    18. A space-saving three-blade bronze ceiling fan you can easily hang out on the deck — or mount on your bedroom wall — so you can stay nice and cool during the next heatwave.

    A three-blade bronze ceiling fan

    Promising review: "I was getting rid of an old ceiling fan on our patio and decided to invest in a couple of these. They are super simple to put up — all you have to assemble is the down rod which took all of two minutes. I bought two cup hooks to hang them from, and then I decided to get a little creative and used some old chain I had from a previous light fixture to be able to angle the fans as needed. So far they work great!  They pump out plenty of air, and they have a nice relaxing low-buzz sound. I'd definitely recommend buying this if you want a hassle-free install." —Aaron

    Price: $119.98

    19. A four-burner, liquid propane flat top grill to make those glorious grill marks on all your meats, fish, veggies, and fruits.

    An image of a four-burner liquid propone flat top grill

    Promising review: "Cooking is fun again! I was moving into a new house and wanted a grill for the deck. I had never heard of Blackstone until I saw one in Lowe's and I decided to do a little research, finding lots of helpful YouTube videos. I decided to buy one and I'm very glad I did. After doing the initial seasoning of the griddle surface, I've enjoyed cooking eggs and bacon for breakfast and smash-burgers for dinner. The griddle allows you to cook so many things, it'll be fun to try different things and expand my cooking repertoire. There's a good chance that cooking on the Blackstone will become my new hobby!" —Steve001

    Price: $399.00

    20. A four-piece patio set for making your deck look like you completely redid it, even if it's on top of your to-do list for next summer.

    the four-piece patio set with patterned blue cushions

    Promising review: "Bought this set because of the wicker look. Took a couple of hours to put together. If you can use an Allen wrench — which is provided — and read the easy-to-follow instructions, then you have it made. This is really a beautiful, solid set and surprisingly comfortable as is without having to purchase cushions. For the look and cost, I am very happy and pleased with this set as compared to others. If Lowe's has any more in stock, I would recommend it. Set looks absolutely beautiful on my patio." —RetiredLounger

    Price: $598

    21. A pack of remote-controlled battery-operated puck lights to complete your kitchen upgrade without an electrician's help.

    Puck under cabinet lights

    Promising review: "These lights are bright and beautiful! LED lighting adds so much character to our beautiful backsplash and countertops. Great price! The remote is a huge plus, the lights are dimmable! We highly recommend it! No wires, or having to pay for an electrician to install lights under the cabinet. Now our kitchen is complete!" —Kbell

    Price: $39.98

    22. An above-ground pool that does not leak, so you can enjoy some pool time with the fam all summer long and then put it away when the weather cools down.

    a family enjoying the above ground pool in a yard

    Promising review: "As expected, this pool is a hit. It was super easy to set up with two people and still looks brand-new. It was great to have this summer and the kid’s LOVED it. There were no issues with rips, tears, or leaking or rusting. This is a great economical, good-quality choice for an above-ground pool." —Unknownmother

    Price: $419.99

    23. A rust-resistant semi-gazebo with a steel roof to make your backyard the perfect place for an impromptu outdoor wedding or the ultimate hangout destination of the summer.

    An image of a semi-gazebo with steel roof

    Promising review: "I bought this gazebo exactly one year ago and we have enjoyed it very much. It is a great size to cover our propane fire table, two glider chairs, and a couch. This took about six hours to build. My neighbors make comments of admiration every time they walk on the trail behind our house. I would recommend for your family patio or deck." BigPoppa

    Price: $1,898.00

    24. A storage shed for those who have a super teeny garage and need some extra storage space for a weed whacker, lawnmower, or snowblower.

    A 7-ft x 7-ft storage shed

    Promising review:  "So far we feel we have gotten our money's worth from this shed — within two days of having it put together, we had sustained winds between 25 and 30 mph, with wind gusts upwards of 50 mph. Nothing happened to the shed. It withstood the high winds that we had, which I was happy about because some people had said that the wind blew theirs over."KansasGirl

    Price: $749.00

    25. A five-piece, wicker patio furniture set that has all the aesthetic goodness of woven rattan but is also weather-resistant so it can withstand those unexpected summer storms.

    An image of a rattan patio furniture set

    Promising review: "This set is worth the money. A child could assemble it, it’s that easy. Both chairs and tables snap apart for winter storage. All metal is powder-coated so it won’t rust. Cushions are so comfortable and weather resistant. Love that the ottoman stores underneath the chair. The wicker is weather-resistant and looks like real wicker. Really love this set." —Lisa 

    Price: $380.80

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