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Rachel And Joey Should've Ended Up Together And This Twitter Thread Proves It


It is a truth universally acknowledged that Ross and Rachel are THE couple from Friends, and that they were always ~meant to be~. BUT what if we've been wrong this whole time?!

Fed up with the hate the Joey/Rachel storyline was getting on Twitter, user @kaneandgriffin delivered an epic smackdown in a mind-blowing thread.

She kicked it all off with the fact Joey and Rachel actually had a solid friendship.

The thread then dived into Joey's character progression and development throughout the series.

Claire pointed out that it was actually Joey who supported Rachel's career, unlike Ross.

And then there's the fact that even Ross's own sister knew Rachel deserved more.

Which led to the final argument that Joey and Rachel made each other better, whereas Ross and Rachel made each other worse.

Imagine having "We were on a break!!!!!!!!" held over your head for the rest of your life.

Claire told BuzzFeed that she has always been a big Joey and Rachel shipper, and was never satisfied by the way Friends ended things.

"I thought I was talking to about 10 people, then I finished the thread and had almost 800 new notifications. There are clearly a ton of stealth Rachel/Joey shippers out there!" she said.

TL;DR Joey and Rachel were a balanced pair who actually respected each other, and the two ending up together would've changed the television sitcom game.

You can read the whole thread here.