If Disney Princesses Were Reality TV Stars

Your fave Disney Princesses would surely swoon, sing and bat their eyes onto the casts of these popular reality TV shows.

1. Cinderella on “Project Runway”

tumblr.com / Via What Should Theatre Call Me

“Work, work, work! She’ll never get her dress done!”

Make it work Cinderella.

2. Ariel on “Hoarders”

cdn.dolimg.com / Via Oh My Disney

“Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat?”

No Ariel, this is actually all junk.

3. Sleeping Beauty on “Dancing with the Stars”

“I danced with you once upon a dream”

…as in Aurora’s dream was to be on TV and be famous.

4. Jasmine on “Shahs of Sunset” or “Keeping up with the Kardashians”

tumblr.com / Via Wiffle Gif

“I am NOT a prize to be won!”

Let’s be honest, that could be a direct quote from either show.

5. Snow White on “The Bachelorette”

wordpress.com / Via The Carousel of Dreams

“He was so romantic, I could not resist.”

Sounds like someone’s ready to give out the final rose…er apple?

6. Mulan on “Extreme Makeover”

tumblr.com / Via Policy Mic

“I’ll make a man out of you”

Could have a whole new meaning.

7. Belle on “Big Brother”

tumblr.com / Via Animated Disney Gifs

“But you must promise to stay here forever.”

House guest…prisoner…same thing.

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